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How Non-Techies Can Find the Right Tech Talent (Infographic)

For anyone within the tech and IT industries, knowing the correct lingo and techno terminology is essential in getting by in your day-to-day job, so how are recruiters supposed to be able to find tech talent if they don’t know the lingo themselves?

Any recruiters out there who don’t know their java software from their java coffee beans will need to check out the latest research Modis have done on how non-tech recruiters are able to find the right tech talent. Their infographic is perfect for anyone wanting to avoid feeling way out of their depth when recruiting, as it includes useful advice on recruiting in an industry you’re not completely up to speed with.

Right now, the IT industry is booming as more and more job roles are switched from their traditional ways and moving towards being digitally compliant. According to Modis, IT unemployment rates is currently at 3.1% during the month of September, showing that the demand for tech professionals is there as they are clearly being swept up for jobs.

Take a look at the infographic below so you can figure out how you can still manage to find that perfect candidate for the role, even if you’re not as skilled in the industry as they are:


Infographic: How Non-Techies Can Find the Right Tech Talent

Source: Modis

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