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How to: Add Video & Multimedia to your New LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn-LogoWith the worldwide roll-out of the new-look LinkedIn profile last December, many LinkedIn users (particularly recruiters) were devastated of the loss of their ability to include apps like Google Docs, Slideshare, and TripIt. However, what many people don’t realise is that we got a much better deal in return – the ability to add video and other links to documents, images and presentations to our profile, in nearly every section of your profile. Pretty cool eh? This has reached nearly all profiles by now, with the last of the upgrades happening in the next few weeks.

In 3 easy steps, here’s how to add multimedia to your profile.

Multimedia, Video and Images On Linkedin Profiles

How to Add Video to LinkedIn Profiles:

Step 1: Click on Profile > Edit Profile from the top navigation bar

Step 2: In the first multimedia-able section of your profile, Background, you can add multimedia to enhance your profile. Simply click on the little + sign next to the pencil, like below:

Click the Add Media Button to add video to your LinkedIn Profile

Step 3: Paste in the link to the piece of multimedia you’d like to add – it can be a video from YouTube or Vimeo, a presentation from Slideshare or public Google Doc, a link to your active job vacancies on your website, online portfolios and so much more. If it’s online, you can add it!

Your Professional Gallery

Each link you add to your LinkedIn profile, when clicked, opens up in what’s termed “Your Professional Gallery”. This is a large overlay over your profile that shows off your video, images, portfolio, job descriptions and more to reveal all their glory!

Your Professional Gallery on LinkedIn


So what do you think? I bet you no longer miss your LinkedIn Apps! Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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