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How to: Create a Google Plus Page for your Brand or Business

We have, since its inception, been huge Google Plus fans, even though its been a bit of a ghost-town compared to the old reliable of Facebook. However, Facebook’s only advantage over Google+ was its Business/Brand pages, which Google have now dashed and officially launched Google Plus Pages last night (GMT). Within about 5 minutes of the announcement, some over-zealous members of the Social Talent team, at home watching telly, created a Google Page for Social Talent (so there were 3 of them!).

It’s really simple to do, so here’s both the how and the why:


What kind of company are you? Google+ PagesCreate a Google+ Page

  • First thing’s first, sign in to your Google+ account. If you don’t have one already, then sign up (it’s been completely open for about 2 months and it takes the guts of about 30 seconds to complete, visit
  • Once in your account, on the right hand side just click on the link that says “Create a Google Page”.
  • From here, select what kind of company or brand you are. You can have Google put in information for you from your Google Place information like your phone number (if you registered your business on Google for search results and Maps locations). Or, if you wish to do everything yourself you can too. You’ll need a name (ie that of your brand or company), and a photo (square), probably best to put in your logo here. Along the top of your page, you have a header of 5 photos which you decide their order, and Google’s super-fast drag and drop loader makes this process really really simple.
  • Next, fill out your company bio information, your contact details etc. Then, share it with your circles!Add your Company Information - Google+ Pages
  • Best practice: always allow your brand page to be public and all posts are open. This isn’t a personal page, it’s your business!

Now, the Why:

Google is a massive social network already, at just 5 months old, with 50 million people on it. Most profiles are completely open, and you can add someone to your circle without having made friends with them (quite like following someone on twitter but sorta the opposite way around: you don’t follow them, you’re pushing info out to them).

Start a Hangout - Google+ PagesSecondly, you can start hangouts with your Google Plus fans. This is a live online chat via webcam, where you can talk to your customers and fans about anything from product issues to jobs to general company information etc. You can post that you’ll be hosting an open hangout at a designated time for people to come and join you and talk about a specific topic, like latest job opportunities and the application process, a product demonstration and q&a session, a client-get-together, a thinktank meeting you name it! Far from being apart from your fans and not being able to show your company’s human side, live interactive webchats are the way to go.

So, join us on Google+ and why not start a hangout with us? Connect with us by clicking here.

We’ll be hosting a webinar next Wednesday 16th at 4m GMT on Google Plus changes and improvements for recruiters, including search techniques and profile data for sourcing candidates. Register for this free webinar here.
Here’s a great example of Starbuck’s page on Google Plus – yours could look as slick as this too in about 5 minutes of work! Get started!

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