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How to: Create a new Company Showcase Page on LinkedIn


Black Belt in Internet Recruitment Showcase Page on LinkedIn


On Tuesday, LinkedIn announced the launch of their new Company Showcase Pages, which are like sub-pages of your company’s main page on LinkedIn. These are really useful for specific company communities if your business has many different aspects, or branches of your business across multiple locations.

This helps your company followers who follow your Showcase page to  hear more relevant content in their LinkedIn newsfeed when you post updates from these Showcase pages.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your very own Showcase page(s) for your Company Page on LinkedIn. Please bear in mind you have to have (a) a company page on LinkedIn, and (b) administrator access to that page to create a Showcase Page.

Creating a Showcase Page

To get to the Company Page that you have Admin rights over, go to your photo in the top right corner and select Manage beside “Company Page”. Next, click on Edit in blue at the top of your Company page, and select “Create a Showcase Page”.

create a showcase page on LinkedIn

create a showcase page on LinkedIn 2

Give it a name and Admins

Give your Showcase page a name, so ours is “Black Belt in Internet Recruitment”,  and here you can assign more administrators of your Showcase Page. These have to be first-degree connections of yours. Select people who perhaps don’t have overall admin access to the Company Page but who manage your operations for this specific Showcase page (like your UK arm versus your North America operations, or product/division sets).

Give your page some Imagery

There’s a huge space at the top of your Showcase page to add imagery for your business – make it exciting, make it interesting and a bit more than your logo!

Your imagery sizes are:

  • Main cover image: 974 x 330 pixels (max file size 2mb, png/jpeg/gif)
  • Standard Logo: 100 x 60 pixels
  • Square Logo: 50 x 50 pixels (this is the logo used in status updates

Required Elements:

The page name and a 200 character description are required for a Showcase page before you can publish it.

Feature your LinkedIn Groups

If your company has LinkedIn Groups associated with it, for example staff groups or a talent community, you can feature it here. You have to be a member of the group to be able to feature it within the Showcase page.

Choose an Industry & URL

You can enter a web address to take people to your website, or a specific page on your site that relates to the product or service you’re showcasing. Also, select from the dropdown menu what industry your Showcase page relates to.

Done and done! Remember to only really send out updates from your Showcase page that relate to what your page is about – irrelevant updates is one sure way to encourage fans to unfollow your page… If you want to feature your Showcase page, add it to the comments at the bottom.

Our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment Showcase page is right here!

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