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How to: Create Automated Actions to Share Job Posts/Blogs to Social Networks (IFTTT)

IFTTT LogoIf This Then That, or IFTTT, is a “recipe creating tool” for you to create automated actions for your online activities. Essentially, when you do something online (like write a new blog, or post a job on your careers site), you can create an action that automatically posts that to your social networks. There’s so many recipes created by others on IFTTT that you can apply to your own profile (some of my favourites: email me 10 things I need to know every morning; send my latest blog post as a status update on LinkedIn – there’s millions more!).

Here’s how you can create your own recipes using IFTTT to spread your latest blog posts, job ads, RSS feeds and more across a range of social networks, saving you time and effort.

First, create an IFTTT account (takes a minute if not less). When you’re logged in, check in all your channels – hook up your LinkedIn account, your Facebook (or Facebook Page), Twitter, Google calendar, Blogger or WordPress account, Dropbox, Google Drive – whatever social networks you possibly can.

Next, start to create a recipe for what you want to do.

Here’s how to share jobs posted on your website to your LinkedIn as a Status update: 

Step 1: In the top menu, click “Create”, then click on “this” in blue (like below).

If THIS then that

Feed Trigger in IFTTT

You’ll be taken to see all of the channels that can be used as a “trigger” – when one action happens on this trigger site, it’ll set off the automated action to your destination. So for this example, select Feed as your trigger.

Step 2: Select the trigger
You may want to be selective about what gets pushed out to LinkedIn – maybe posts that have the word “Jobs” in them only? Then select “New feed item matches”.


Step 3: Complete the Trigger fields
Enter the keyword or phrase you want the feed to match, like “jobs” for example, if all of your job postings on your website contain the word “Jobs” in the title, eg. “Financial Jobs Dublin – Qualified Financial Advisor, Retail Banking“.

Then, enter in the feed URL. You’ll have to create an RSS feed first – and this is really simple to do. Go to, and follow their really simple step-by-step instructions. Remember when you’re entering the URL of your website that you want to get an RSS feed from, point it at the specific section of your site that distributes jobs – like “

Complete Trigger Fields IFTTT

Complete Trigger Fields IFTTT

Now, Choose the Action Channel:
So you want your Jobs feeds posted to LinkedIn. Choose LinkedIn from the channel menu, and then select “Share an update”.



You can customise what’s shared by selecting an Ingredient from the trigger – in our case, we’d like to share the title and the link URL.

Select an Ingredient Entry Title Entry URL IFTTT

Select an Ingredient Entry Title Entry URL IFTTT

In the end, it’ll appear on your status updates on LinkedIn something like this:
Financial Jobs Dublin – Qualified Financial Advisor, Retail Banking “

Then hit “Create Action”.

And last but not least, create the recipe for others out there to apply to their accounts – type in a quick description of what your recipe does, and click “Create Recipe”.

 You can customise this recipe anyway you’d like for whatever action you’d like to take – like send a tweet from your account when a new blog is posted (bearing in mind, it doesn’t have to be a blog from your own website – it can be a, RSS feed of a newspaper’s site, or or whatever you’d like); trigger a status update from LinkedIn to also replicate in Facebook too – the combinations are endless.

Have you been using IFTTT to create automated actions to save you time in your social media activities? What’s been your experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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