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How to: Leverage and Optimize your Google Plus - even for Recruiters

Google PlusGoogle Plus is still very much in its infancy, but it’s by far the fastest growing social networking site in history, at just six weeks old it has over 25 million users. As you’re probably aware, it’s invite only (get your invite by clicking here) and still very much in the development stages. It will improve, but so far it’s pretty great. Here’s some great tips to leverage your circles and optimize Google Plus.

1. Sort out your circles
You can import your contacts from your email address book (Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo), your ATS (by simply importing a CSV file of all your candidate’s email addresses) and your LinkedIn connections (again by exporting all your connections as a CSV file and importing in to G+). To export your contacts in LinkedIn: go to Contacts and then My Connections, go right down to the bottom of the page and on the right-hand-side is “Export Connections”. Choose to export them as a CSV file, fill out the Captcha (the prove-you’re-human distorted word) and click Export.


Add people to your Google Plus Circles, Import your contacts from LinkedIn

Steps: Click through to your Circles, and in the upper bar click on “Find People”. This will enable you to import your contacts from your other email databases and also from a file on your computer. You can import up to 4000 addresses at once. Google will automatically search through your connections to find who is on G+, and for those who aren’t it’ll give you the option to invite them to G+.

Now, you can organize your people really easily, by simply dragging their name (alongside profile photo in a handy little box) towards the circle you wish to add them to. Contacts can be added to multiple circles, and you can create new circles simply and easily, naming them what you wish (eg, Clients, Prospects, Candidates, Dud-candidates etc).

When you’re posting out a status update like you would in Facebook or Twitter, you can select which circle of contacts you wish to share your post with. Even if those in your circles haven’t added you in to their circles, they’ll still see your post in their G+ stream. This is an excellent way of promoting job notices, product updates, news, events and blogs to your circles instantly, segmenting who sees what. Your private notices like photos and nights out (pretty much why we all keep our Facebook to ourselves and not with work) can be shared only with who you choose, for example your family or friends groups (even segmented friends!).

2. Optimise your stream
While Google Plus is in Beta and only a fraction of the number of Twitter and Facebook users are on it, you can import your Facebook and Twitter streams in to G+ so you can still see what others are doing while on other networks. When you’ve opened your G+ account, there is an extension to add to Windows, Firefox and Chrome browsers that will instantly pop your Facebook and Twitter feeds (in separate buttons) to your G+ account. Click here to get the Twitter stream application and here to get the Facebook stream application.

Add Twitter and Facebook to your Google Plus Stream
Furthermore, if you’re a Mac user you can make your Google Plus an app for your computer (and any other social network or web-page for that matter) simply by clicking here. have created this brilliant free product and we’re loving it – all of our social networking sites are apps on our desktops so that with one click we have access to our profiles instantly without having to go through browsers.

We ran a webinar yesterday (Wednesday 10th August) on Google Plus for Recruiters, click here to watch the Webinar with guest host Geoff Webb of Radical Recruitment. Our next webinar won’t be for a few weeks, August 31st at 4pm BST (11am EDT, 8am PST) on Online Candidate Referral Tools with JG Archer of, but you can register for this free webinar here.

Now that you have your invite, what do you think of Google Plus so far? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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