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How to: make videos for Recruitment

At TruLondon we did a workshop on how to make videos for Recruitment, and out of it came some great tips and pointers in what to do, what to use, what to produce, and more importantly: WHY to use video for recruitment!

Let’s start with the Why. Video is a hugely interactive medium, and people watch and respond to video clips of people. When it’s a video about a job, it’s quite an emotive piece. People will apply if you impress them with your video. Getting to see, in an interactive format like Video, what your workplace and fellow employees are like, or the ethos of your company and the values from which you work – all of this is powerful EMPLOYER BRANDING that will pull applicants to apply to you.

There are a whole heap of people on the job market, but more and more companies are fighting for talent and it seems the big fish keep winning. This is generally because they have invested time, effort (and a portion of their marketing budget, let’s face it) towards branding their organization to potential employees. Using video to brand your company towards future employees will put you back in the leagues of the big fish, without having to spend big fish money.

So: HOW!
Well, video production does not have to be expensive, or have a huge film crew and take up much of your time. In this example, Connected Ventures, who work behind the scenes on behalf of consumer-brand companies, needed to bring about a reputation of their own in order to get applicants to apply to their vacancies. With one take, using a camcorder, a great idea and a crate of beers, they got their whole team involved after work to do their video. They never mentioned they were hiring in the video, it was only in the description of their video! And it WORKED!

You can go corporate as well: you can hire a firm to professionally film and edit your videos which represents your firm appropriately, and to do this expect to pay between ‚¬2,500 and ‚¬3,500 for this kind of video (or series of videos).

We personally love this video, and have mentioned it before in a blog post on Employer Branding in funny corporate career videos, from Elastic Path in Vancouver.

Preparation is key. Inexperienced video productions ultimately take a long time because those filming it are not prepared. You need to be extremely clear on what you want your video to look like at the end, who’s going to feature in it, what they’re going to say. Plan your scenes using any method you feel best – from stick-men to an Excel spreadsheet. Coordinate your production and stick to timescales, otherwise your day will run away with you!

Incorporate lighting. Light will lift your subject and make it look both more friendly and professional. Choosing to use professional lighting can be expensive to rent for the day (about ‚¬200) and you’ll need to know how to use it. Is it a sunny day outside? Then take your film shoot out there! Do you have overhead lighting? Turn everything on! Make your scene as bright as possible.

Camera. There are some amazing cameras out there which you can hire per day (we use a Sony Z5) for about ‚¬150. However, some of the best recruitment videos that went viral don’t use professional cameras. Camcorders, iFlips and even your mobile phone can give you just the camera quality you need.

Editing. If you’re working off a Mac, we use Final Cut Pro (for which Nicola in Social Talent is specifically trained for) which produces professional results and can incorporate multiple cameras, special effects and enhancements. However, a really simple editing program to use on Mac is iMovie, which comes as standard as part of iLife on all MacBook Pro’s and iMacs. This will produce just as good results! If you’re working from a PC, Windows Movie Maker is great, and it’s quite easy to use (plus there’s a great tutorial on YouTube here).

Publishing and Distribution. You need to get your video out there! We recommend YouTube for distribution as it is hugely favored by Google in all search results over other video hosing platforms. However, don’t neglect the others! Publish your video on every platform going: Vimeo, Facebook (which by default will push it to Bing and drive your SEO for that specific search engine), Flickr, Photobucket. Push your content across your organization’s social places – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Embed it in the signatures of all of your employees emails.

Tagging. Tagging your video with keywords which describe your video, company and industry will make it found when people search for terms in their search engines. (Tip – always optimize your video for mobile as well by ticking the option within YouTube – by default it’s set to No). People are more often than not typing questions in to Google, so tag your video with questions as well, like “How can I get a job at X company”.

Has your company made a video for recruitment? Post a link to it in the comments!

PS – we’re also hiring – and here’s our video, made by Nicola using iMovie:

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