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How to: Post to Multiple Groups on LinkedIn at once!

Big shout out to Shane McCusker (follow him on Twitter @1ntelligence) for this diamond time-saving technique.

We regularly post our blogs to LinkedIn Groups, of which we’re members of 50 each in the office. Posting a blog as a discussion on each group (so as to promote our blog, services or events to yourselves who regularly read our blog) is painstaking – each group has to be posted one by one. But now, we’ve learned that by using the LinkedIn Toolbar (available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox version 4 and under) you can post a discussion to all groups at the same time. Excellent!

Download the LinkedIn Browser ToolbarHere’s how:
  1. Download the LinkedIn toolbar to your browser (which must be Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox – but not the latest version 5, as the toolbar is not compatible with this system, for shame) and sign in to your account through it.
  2. LinkedIn Toolbar - Share in LinkedInWithin the Toolbar, click “Share with LinkedIn”
  3. A pop-up should appear, and within that, you can post an update and post to groups (or send to individuals). Enter the names of the groups (typing them in unfortunately, which means you have to remember them – see helpful tips below for a shortcut), and then click “Share”Share to Groups on LinkedIn using Toolbar
Helpful Tip 1:
Trust us, you will not remember the names of all the groups you’re a member of, and so typing them individually is going to be a pain. So, prepare in advance:
  • Go to Your Groups within LinkedIn
  • Copy and Paste each of the names of the groups you post discussions to in to a plain-text document (use your TextEditor in Mac or Notepad in Windows, don’t use Word as it’ll copy the hyperlink formatting on the group names, and you don’t want that).
  • SAVE that document and use that to copy and paste the names of the groups you wish to share your discussion with each time, which for us will be practically every day.
Helpful Tip 2:
Do download the toolbar, but DON’T upgrade your Firefox browser to version 5 until LinkedIn have caught up and adapted the toolbar to match the new configuration. Otherwise you won’t be able to install the toolbar at all. We found this out the hard way today. UPDATE: Downgrade your version of Firefox to accept the toolbar, by clicking here.
Helpful Tip 3:
The LinkedIn Toolbar is really very helpful indeed – it saves your last three searches (very helpful to go back to and find that gem of a person that could be the one for your job-role!), you don’t have to keep logging in to LinkedIn from their site, you have it open all the time on your browser, and you can search LinkedIn directly from the toolbar rather than from within the site.

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