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How to: use the New and Improved BeKnown Jobs Tab

BeKnown Logo - BeKnown Jobs Tab RSS feed now available

Last November, BeKnown (Monster’s Facebook job-search and candidate platform) launched the ability for companies to host a jobs tab on their Facebook fan page, integrating current jobs they have advertised on (and affiliates) or free jobs on BeKnown, to be displayed in a “Career Opportunities” tab on your fan page. While on its initial release we identified a few bugs, David Henry of has got in touch to let us know that not only have all bugs been completely eradicated, but there are some new really useful features added too.

Here’s a great video by BeKnown on how to use the New and Improved BeKnown Jobs Tab for your Facebook business page:

So along with the helpful guide, as told by Christie in Monster, there are now great automation features which means that you don’t have to worry about updating the Career Opportunities tab on your Facebook page with each new job vacancy.

By linking an RSS feed from your jobs that are posted online to your BeKnown tab, your jobs are automatically updated and displayed in your tab for page fans and prospective employees to view and apply to, using their BeKnown profile.

Most ATS’s send your jobs to websites using an RSS feed too, and you can link that ATS feed to the BeKnown tab. This is extremely useful, as now you can post jobs to BeKnown from outside of – especially if you don’t advertise your jobs on paid job-search sites but just to your careers page. What’s more, BeKnown is completely free. You should know by now how much we love free things.

According to David Henry, “all jobs posted on the jobs tab use whatever application process is set by the poster. So if you supply an RSS feed, the apply button it will use will be whatever application process you use on your jobs or site, and not just the BeKnown profile.” If your job advertisement is hosted on Monster, BeKnown uses the application method set by the poster. Only a job posted directly to BeKnown to your first and second degree connections uses the BeKnown profile to act as an application method.

Have you been using the BeKnown tab yet to advertise your jobs? Let us know your thoughts about the BeKnown service in the comments.

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