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How to Win-Win in Negotiations

What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘win-win’?

In negotiation, you might think of two parties leaving the negotiation table satisfied. Or maybe you think about both parties walking away with what they wanted, going in to the negotiation. Or maybe you even think that both parties in a win-win situation walk away happy.

This simply isn’t true.

Good negotiators can manipulate and manoeuvre the satisfaction of the other party any way they want. Therefore, satisfaction is a bad measure of progress or success in a negotiation situation. There is so such thing as satisfaction, according to Tony Perzow, only perceived satisfaction. Win-win isn’t just about feeling good at the end of the meeting – it’s much more than that.

So, what is a win-win negotiation?

A win-win negotiation is one in which value is created, which benefits both parties, that did not exist before the negotiation process. It is an outcome where both sides of the table actually have more to share than they did before walking into the room. If they were splitting a pie, they wouldn’t think of the negotiation in terms of how many slices of pie they would each get, but instead about ways that they can make the pie bigger – thus increasing their individual slices too.

Win-win situations can’t be thought about in competitive negotiation session, as these are inherently zero sum games. So, how can you ensure a win-win negotiation? Ask yourself these important questions:

  • How can I customise the deal from a traditional buy / sell model to suit the needs of both parties?
  • What can I provide to the other party that they might need, and what can they provide me with?
  • Is the other party open to a collaborative and creative negotiation? Or have they entered the situation with a competitive attitude?

Learning about different negotiation tactics is essential for anybody in a business involved in making deals – and people make more deals than we realise! To find out more about our negotiation content with the brilliant Tony Perzo, talk to us today.

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