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If Recruiters Were Vegetables...

Recruiters and Vegetables – surely you can’t compare the two!?!? Well…guess what? That’s exactly what I’m going to do today.

Most of us eat them to stay healthy, but who knew that a select few share the same characteristics found in a recruiter!? Some bitter, and others downright positive. Today we look at a few characteristics found in both.

1. The Brussel Sprout

The words from this recruiters mouth can be hard to stomach. They have a longlasting bitterness attached to them and they will never forgive a candidate for seeking help from other recruiters.


2. The Beetroot

Known to make many a candidate blush! The beetroot is somewhat of a charmer. They ooze charisma, class and are great for throwing out compliments. So much so that you might get a little bashful with all the praise. Enjoy bringing up past wins and sing your praises to potential employers.

3. The Onion

These guys and gals don’t hold back with their criticism. If you’ve done something wrong then you can be sure that they’ll be quick to point it out. Known to bring tears to the eyes of many a candidate.

4. The Potato

The potato – have them mashed, boiled or fried. The choice is yours! This recruiter is versatile and can recruit across any industry. Other recruiters stand envious of this veg. Taters gonna hate!

5. The Chilli Pepper

Always likes to spice things up, as they think of new and inventive ways to source new candidates. A tenacious and fiery character who never lets anyone get in their way.

6. The Pea

Peas not war is the number one thing on this recruiters agenda! One of the oldest and most experienced recruiters of them all. Usually, an older individual who prefers to talk to their candidates face-to-face and isn’t completely sold on all that technology lark.

7. The Lettuce

This recruiter is the definition of positive. If a candidate has struggled in the past, they are first to encourage them to turn over a new leaf. Their mission statement runs something along the lines of “If you have any problems, please lettuce know!”

8. The Asparagus

With a long germination period, the asparagus has the patience of a saint. Yes, an interview might fall through but that doesn’t mean that they’re prepared to give up the fight!


Word to the wise, if any of these comparisons didn’t sit right – please hold tight! You never know, they might grow on you….

AND if they don’t, then maybe a FREE Ebook on Diversity & Inclusion might be more suited to your taste!

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