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Improve EVERY Job Ad You Will Ever Write with 1 Word

I love advertising. I really, really love advertising. I specialised in Marketing during my undergrad degree, I studied a Masters in creative advertising, I drool over Mad Men, I flail excitedly over a beautifully shot TV ad and yes, I cried when I first saw the John Lewis Christmas ad (because-it’s-a-bear-and-hare-and-oh- God-it’s-just-so-lovely!).

But above all else when it comes to selling people things they don’t (think they) need, I love a good slogan. If you hadn’t already guessed from the myriad of blogs I’ve written, I am particularly in love with the art of copywriting. From Adidas’s “Impossible is Nothing” to Apple’s “iThink therefore, iMac” and from Budweiser’s “WASSSSSSUP!” to Cadbury Cream Egg’s “How do you eat yours?”, a good slogan is the back bone of a strong advertising campaign.

But I have a theory I’ve harboured since college, a theory that I feel could change the face of copywriting as we know it. A theory, that if put to the test, could see one little word singlehandedly make existing slogans 10 to 100 times more effective.

‘But what is that magical word?’, I hear you all ask, you’re breath collectively baited.


No, you’re not a bitch, the word I’m talking about is ‘bitch’. Indeed, I believe every advertising slogan and piece of copy could immediately be made more impactful if everyone just bitch-ified their copywriting efforts.

Not convinced?

Let me demonstrate: why have “Because I’m worth it” when you could have “Because I’m worth it, bitch“. So much more effective!

Or why have “Bang! and the dirt is gone” when you could have “Bang! and the dirt is gone, bitch“?! The same can be said for “Does exactly what it says on the tin“, I’d believe them so much more if it read “Does exactly what it says on the tin, bitch“.

And for all you Irish readers out there, why have “It’s not your Wadi, it’s Mi Wadi” when you could be telling people, “It’s not your Wadi, it’s Mi Wadi, bitch“. It’s punchy, it’s powerful and it gets the point across… bitch.

So I thought I’d put my (carefully crafted) theory to the test by, you guessed it, ‘bitchifying’ Social Talent (oh yeah!), by way of inspiring you to take the iniative with your own job ads.

Trust me, you won’t be able to resist our training course after this little ditty!




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