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Job sites in the Netherlands 'standing still' as LinkedIn continues to prosper

A recent Social Talent blog established that social networking sites and email providers make up the top 10 most visited sites in Ireland. This is replicated across the the world, pretty much, and the Netherlands is no different!

Using collated data from we found that Google Nederland, Google, Facebook, YouTube and WindowsLive are the big hitters in the Netherlands with LinkedIn, the first jobs-related site, at number six.

1. Google Nederland

2. Google

3. Facebook

4. YouTube

5. WindowsLive

6. LinkedIn

7. Nu

8. Wikipedia

9. Twitter

10. Markplaats

It’s no surprise to find Google, Facebook etc at the top of the list and even less of a surprise to find LinkedIn just outside of the top five given the fact that out of the country’s overall labour force (7,816,000 million people), 38.2% of that figure are on the professional social networking site.

In layman’s terms, the Netherlands now has the largest penetration of LinkedIn members, ahead of the United States (36%) with Ireland one slot back, with a penetration of 27%., a popular Dutch news website, Wikipedia, Twitter and, a classified advertising site complete the list with Hyves, a social networking site in the Netherlands with mainly Dutch visitors and members that competes, on a more local basis, with the likes of Facebook and MySpace, just outside the top ten at 12.

171. Monsterboard

198. Nationalevacaturebank

350. Intermediair

380. Werk

613. Jobrapido

787. Randstad

878. Jobtrack

However, it is job sites we are interested in! If you are looking for job sites outside of the top ten you have to wait until you come to 171 in the list to find one – while Holland’s largest career site, is next up at 198.

There are only two other job sites in the top 500 – – Holland’s biggest career-platform for the higher educated – comes in at 345 – while at 380,, provides information to residents of the European Union and the European Economic Area about job applications, contracts and the recognition of foreign qualifications.

Three more sites – Jobrapido, Randstad and Jobtrack – grace the top 1000 but their appearance so far down the list says a lot about attitudes to job sites in the Netherlands.

The overall unemployment figure for the Netherlands stands at a modest 5.6% (a far cry from us in Ireland!), while according to a report produced by comScore Europe in April of this year revealed that 96% of the online population (about 11.5 million people, out of a total population of about 16.7 million) in the Netherlands visited a social network in March, up a whopping 18% from last year’s 9.7 million visitors.

The Dutch know where it’s at with regard to LinkedIn… they use it as it should be used, as a business development tool! Job sites are old school and beginning to lose touch. Those seeking employment in the Netherlands know it.

The brains behind job sites in the Netherlands could do worse than take heed of the old Chinese proverb, which says “Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still”. Wise, wise words.

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