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LinkedIn Roll Out New Group Search (and it's MUCH better!)

LinkedIn have finally updated their Group Search function on their site, giving users a much better ability to search for potentially interesting and relevant groups. As groups in LinkedIn are pretty much the only social thing about the site, LinkedIn are rightly focussing more attention towards groups and are making them better.

Previously, when you searched for groups LinkedIn showed a list of group names sorted by largest groups first, and the keywords that you searched for were those in title of group and description and nothing else.

LinkedIn Group SearchNow with the new group search, LinkedIn have adjusted their relevancy algorithm and filtering options to take into account your connection’s groups (segmented to 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections), group type (whether they’re open groups, closed groups, ones that LinkedIn believe you’d be interested in or groups you’re already a member of) and what language the group is based in (ideal for multilingual recruiters).

While we previously recommended that you search for relevant groups in the LinkedIn Skills tool (because its search results show the most relevant groups for that skill based on the profiles of people in that group, not just the title of the group), this is now part and parcel of this new group search.

Joining groups in LinkedIn is an excellent way to network with people in your field, be it other recruiters or potential candidates, joining in on discussions relevant to your industry and making yourself known as a keen expert or participant in these discussions.

You can join up to 50 groups and 20 subgroups, and can have up to 6 pending group acceptances at any one time. Start off by filtering your potential groups by open groups first, so that you can join these groups at the click of a button and not have to be permitted entry by an administrator. Prioritise groups where your second degree connections are based most, as you’ll want to network with these people next.

If you’re a multi-lingual recruiter, you can select to filter your groups results by up to 10 languages (mainly English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian etc), narrowing down your group activity and enabling you to source your next candidates from the group membership as you know they contain your skill (based on the keywords you searched by) and language selected.

New LinkedIn Group Search - Filtering to Dutch groups

New LinkedIn Group Search – Filtering to Dutch groups

Why should you join a LinkedIn group in the first place? For starters, by simply being in the same group as someone on LinkedIn it means that you can send them a private message without needing to be connected first-hand to them (click here for instructions on how to do just this). Furthermore, it’s a great place to get your market research and keep abreast of activity in your industry, particularly the industry you recruit for.

Do you participate in LinkedIn groups as a recruiter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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