LinkedIn & Twitter Special Operators: What Every Good Recruiter Needs to know

Every Wednesday we host a free 30 minute webinar for Recruiters and today’s topic was LinkedIn & Twitter Special Operators.

For those of you who attended, here is where you can find the full list of Operators for LinkedIn & Twitter.  We have also enclosed the Prezi that we used for the presentation and will upload the video over the weekend.

Presentation Slides:

LinkedIn Special Operators:

The example that I used on the webinar is:

ccompany:”cpl OR hays OR manpower OR grafton” ctitle:”recruiter OR recruitment OR consultant OR talent” country:ireland joined:3m interest:h

You just insert this into the top right hand corner “Search People” box within LinkedIn.

For Twitter, here is the full list of  Advanced Search Operators:

There are loads of Twitter Search Operators but these are the ones that I recommend Recruiters look at:

” “, OR, -, near:, within:, filter:links (and -filter:links)

Again, this is the example search string that I used on the webinar:

(java OR agile) -job -jobs near:dublin within:25mi -filter:links

Confused?  If you don’t already use Advanced Boolean Operators, Modifers and Commands to search then you need to check out our Certified Internet Recruiter training.

We are running our next one day course on Tuesday 10th May in Dublin, Ireland.  To find out more and register, click here.

If you are overseas or would just prefer online training, leave your comments below.  We’re thinking of running the course on-line and would be interested to hear whether you think we should and if so should it be live, over several recorded videos etc and how should it be priced (bearing in mind that the “in person” course is ‚¬499 and we are not a charity!!!

Happy hunting!

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