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Live Blog from Dublin Web Summit #dws4 7 insights into writing great content

Kirstie McDermot of is here with 7 insights into writing great content.

1. Find your USP. Love your subject, stick with it, be quirky, offer a twist on a standard format.
2. Listen to your readers and to Google. What to your readers want? Keep an eye on comments and feedback. What’s a hit, what fails? Be willing to experiment, don’t stay static. Your readers change, their profile changes, move with them. Learn to love Google Analytics bit have an intellectual overlay, low hits might be good if those who view it comment a lot. Try not to turn into weird woodland fetish site! 
3. Watch your tone. The “I” voice is incredibly important. Be friendly and funny. Be collegial. Engage readers; don’t try to copy print journalists, be yourself. Never lose sight of quality, you can’t write crap, you need to spell properly, watch your grammar etc.
4. Practice makes perfect. Write every day, the brain is a muscle (no it’s not Kirstie, it’s actually an organ!). Review your content before you publish. Get to someone to look at it if necessary. Learn basic subbing and proof reading skills. Be your own editor.
5. Be consistent, topical and timely. Don’t write about it 5 days after it happens when the news is no longer current. Have a schedule, stick to it. Be on time with news and trends.
6. Find angles and sources. Look for new ways to present info. Don’t just rely on Press Releases, don’t post this stuff verbatim. Smart angles are always good. Localize content if you can. Use PR and social media agencies if applicable. Twitter and Google Reader keep you up to date. Respect your sources, don’t copy, quote your sources, give them a link.
7. Learn to say no. Not just to work. Drillbit is wrong for your baking blog. Identify what is a fit and what is not. Be polite when saying no. Be true to yourself and your readers.

About the author:
Jonathan Campbell is a Director of Select People, a specialist headhunting firm and also the co-founder of social media consultancy Social BPO/ Social Talent, which grows and manages talent communities on social media sites for recruiters. Check out our Facebook Page: for more information.

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