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Live Blog from Dublin Web Summit: Google's 7 secrets of online giants

Don O’Leary from Google Adwords is here this morning to talk about the 7 secrets of online giants.
Google’s top customers live and die by their analytics. What is the cost per acquisition of your SEO strategy? Use Google Insights and Website Optimiser, analyze your Shopping Cart process.
There are four levers you need to understand to maximize your Adwords results:
Bids, budgets, creatives, keywords.
Are you bidding the right amount to get where you want to be, is your budget right to target your customers at the right times, are you using the right language and keywords; understand the trends in your Industry.
Clicks are just the tip of the iceberg. Your final conversion may in fact be off line in your store. Only 10% of Deutsche Bank’s conversion was online but they attributed 48% of offline conversions to what preceded it online.
Resource your team in line with your Ad Spend or sound good money on a great agency to get great results.
You need to adapt to changes in industry trends. The economy and technology are changing rapidly, adapt accordingly.
Internationalisation is key to maintaining growth. The largest, most mature online market in the world is the UK, don’t ignore it. Localize your website and products for your international markets, localize your ad text and urls.
This is the year of mobile. Ad spend is following. Google pricing is cheaper on mobile than it is on Desktop. Mobile landing pages increase conversion ratios for mobile and allow you to take advantage of cheaper keyword bidding.

Question from the audience on Quality Score (which is ranked from 1 to 10) Don confirms that it effects your pricing but a score of 7 should be close to the pricing of a score of 10.
Next question on how to compete in expensive keyword auctions: get your quality score up to better allow you to compete. Bid aggressively for a couple of weeks to get hits and improve your score to allow for cheaper bidding in the medium term.

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