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Live blog from Dublin Web Summit: How to create a social media strategy in 10 steps

Conor Lynch is the founder of and is here to suggest ten steps to creating a social media strategy.
1. Context. What are your objectives, what is your budget, what is your timeline, what are your competitors doing and what resources do you have to work on this.
2. Consumers. Examine the behaviors and attitudes of your existing and potential customers. Not all consumers are equal. Where are the key influencers and connectors?
3. Community. Identify or create a community of consumers who may like your products or services. In the middle of the community and consumer is the brand, they have a shared passion.
4. Concepts. Create concepts and strategies to attract attention to your business.
5. Collaboration. Build partnerships with prospects, customers and suppliers. Examples include group publishing and open source technology.
6. Content. Create sharable content to engage your audience with your key messages. Add value to your audience.
7. Connections. Increase consumer connections through an optimized mix of bought, owned and earned media. This includes website, email marketing, offline marketing, online marketing and social media. Develop the right strategy mix.
8. Conversation. Be consistent when implementing your conversation strategy.
9. Contagion. Encourage people to share your content with their network of connections.
10. Conersion. Measure the effectiveness of your strategy to achieve your goals.

I had high expectations of this presentation but unfortunately it missed the mark. Very slow, boring, not very insightful. Social media advocates should be passionate and entertaining. Sorry Conor but you didn’t come up trumps.

About the author:
Jonathan Campbell is a Director of Select People, a specialist headhunting firm and also the co-founder of social media consultancy Social BPO/ Social Talent, which grows and manages talent communities on social media sites for recruiters. Check out our Facebook Page: for more information.

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