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Live Blog from Dublin Web Summit: Rick Kelley from Facebook on Engagement

Rick Kelley from Facebook is talking about engagement on Facebook.
Banner ads have not changed much since 1994. Our profiles back I’m 94 told you very little about a person but today things have changed, your personal profile online tells you a huge amount.
Marketers today now have an online medium to portray themselves in a whole new light, interacting with customers on Facebook in a very personal, real manner.
Real consumers give authentic feedback directly to real people in a public forum.
The web is about people, marketing is about people, you can connect one to one with people in a scale never seem before.
News and information now finds you based on what your friends consume and read. This also includes messages for brands.
Users spend on average 5 hrs 25 mins per month versus 2 hrs or less for all other sites, including webmail.
Websites brands and products can present themselves online in a very individualistic manner. Personalized experiences have become the norm. Facebook shows you what your friends or sharing and reading, not just what is popular at a macro level. Amazon recently integrated their site with Facebook. They now show you my friends who’s birthdays are coming up and shows you suggestions for gifts based on their Facebook social graph.
An individual’s profile can tell you a huge amount about what they like, powering word of mouth marketing. Marketers that take advantage of Pages are becoming more and more popular and are replacing micro sites.
14m people follow Starbucks vs only 1.8m visitors to their website.
Good marketeers keep their FB Interaction fun as that is what people want to see on Facebook. Oreo have a very successful page that gets huge interaction from very simple messages.
On average these interactions get pushed out to 150 friends of each person that interacts. The scale is exponential.
250m people use Facebook every single day.
2.1 m people in Ireland are on Facebook, 1.7m use it every month, over 1m Irish people use it every single day.
The World Cup: Adidas were the official sponsor but Nike created a cool 3 min viral video on Facebook. 2.5 billion people saw the ad, 6.4m people viewed the video, 3m liked Nike on Facebook. People thought Nike were the main sponsor.
Facebook’s power is in the demographic and activity based (psychographically) targeting that it gives to marketers.
There a 2 dedicated ad positions on Facebook; the homepage ad and the banner ads with options for every budget.
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