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Live Blog from Dublin Web Summit: SEO and Marketing your business on Google

Were back at the Dublin Web Summit on the Social Media Stream and well be blogging all of the social media presentations all day long.

First up is Vanessa Fox from Nine by Blue.
Author of Marketing in the Age of Google.
These days you have to think of every page of your site as being a homepage. People come into your site from many different pages.
Organizations should invest more money in organic search and less on paid search; searchers click on organic results 85% of the time.
Use free market research that is out there on the web.
You need to think about the language that people use to search, think about the problems they are trying to solve and adjust your site’s language to match that. can help you understand popular search terms by topic. Your site’s language should reflect how people search for such content. shows you global search volumes on terms and compares similar terms.
Google’s Discussions tab can show you who is talking about the service that you provide/ solution you can offer. This allows you to find customers directly.
Ranking alone is not enough. Enquiro’s famous heat map shows where people click on search results. The top 4 organic results are where everything happens. Title tags are extremely important as it drives people to click on your result. If your title isn’t optimized you may not get click throughs even though you are top 4 in results.
When designing your page you need to think about what questions people are asking of your page and then ask yourself if your page easily answers their questions.
Google Webmaster Central and Bing provide you with great free tools to get your optimisation right. Google Trends provides more information tan Analytics.
Is traffic the ideal end game? When she first set up her blog Vanessa called Vanessa Nude Blog. She got traffic but it was the wrong traffic. You need to look at bounce rates, time on site etc. Conversion ratios are key, Google can show you conversion stats for key search terms.
Next you need to get your call to action right, it’s not good enough that people

Question time: diversification in your acquisition channels is great; no one goes tot the home page of sites any more. Social media has come become a portal to your site bit from a pure SEO perspective it gives you great links which has always been key. Social Media is also telling search engines how relevant your content is using likes and shares etc rather than purely looking at links. Engagement is as important as ever.

About the author:
Jonathan Campbell is a Director of Select People, a specialist headhunting firm and also the co-founder of social media consultancy Social BPO/ Social Talent, which grows and manages talent communities on social media sites for recruiters. Check out our Facebook Page: for more information.

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