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Live Blog from Dublin Web Summit: SEO for the Average Joe

Joe from Joe’s SEO is talking about the New Rules of SEO, specifically for a business that services a local area or market.
Be wary of buying SEO services, get references and ensure someone is trustworthy. Joe does not sell such services so he assures us he is not trying to sell to us this morning.
These days search engine results are much more blended, not just web pages but videos, images, local results etc. 20% of all searches have some sort of local element to them. Yesterday Google changed their results page again to give even more results from local.
Joe is showing us a site, bit the web has been down here at the conference all morning bit well have to park it for a moment.
Point is that you need to Claim your Listing on Google Local, fill in all of your details, add videos and photos, you can even add a coupon.
Backlinks help but there are 3 more important things:
References are vital. You need to get your business name, address and phone number appearing on other sites. List them on reference sites where people can comment on your site, Yahoo etc offer these services. You can also use Twitter, Bebo, Google Places. Or just Google “business references Dublin”. you can also try Gumtree and Hotfrog etc although listing usually only last 90 days.
User Reviews; get your customers to go on to Yelp or Google Places and give you a review. The reviews don’t even need to be positive, any review gives your organic search results a boost.
User Maps: less important than the first two but good to create a map on Google Maps and add your business.
Another tip, if you upload a KML file to Google Maps or a Geo Sitemap, could help your SEO rankings.

So what about No No’s for Google Places listings?
Don’t give yourself false reviews.
Don’t duplicate listings. Google don’t like this, they think you might be spamming them.
If you have 5 separate offices, don’t list one number for all, use the individual phone numbers and addresses as Google sees you as more important.
Try not to use PO box numbers as your address or out of town phone numbers, Google doesn’t like this.

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