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Hiring for Product Marketing Professionals

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Hiring for Product Marketing Professionals

When you are tasked with hiring a product marketing professional it’s critical that you can ask your hiring managers the right questions to ensure you have the best chance of finding the ideal person. You may not have worked in the marketing industry before but there’s no reason you can’t take what Holly Fawcett can teach you and develop your understanding.

Key Takeaways

When you walk into that first meeting the hiring manager you now have a list of questions you can ask;

  1. It’s crucial that you understand the product or service yourself. 
  2. When it comes to market research will this the be part of their role or is it an out-sourced function?
  3. What would indicate seniority for this role? Do they want somebody who has experience with lots of brads or has a more specialized job within product marketing?

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