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Millennials In The Workplace: 4 Things You Oughta Know

Millennials are being mentioned more and more in today’s working world. Employers should always hire individuals for their skill and not focus on one sole generation. However, there’s no denying that the presence of millennials has become even more noticeable within the workplace of today. Hiring managers and employers value them because of their talented skill-sets and their ability to process new technology. Furthermore, if you are looking to fit a millennial candidate to the right role, then you’ll need to factors that will have their heads turning. According to Bentley University, millennials will make up as much as 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Therefore, knowing what will tick all the boxes for a millennial candidate is important, so that they can excel in their role. Here are four major factors that are sure to entice the millennial generation.

1. Millennials Prefer Flexible Work

There is an increasing number of businesses that have now started offering flexible work schedules to their employees. This is one perk that the majority of Millennials definitely enjoy. A recent Deloitte Millennial Survey showed that millennials believe a flexible work schedule leads to higher productivity, which ultimately has an effect on their well-being and happiness. In addition, a massive 84% of millennials support a flexible work schedule.

The alternative work arrangements sought by millennials include telecommuting, part-time work and freelance work. So, where did this sudden rise in flexible work come from? More emphasis has been put on employee well-being with many feeling that hectic work schedules were governing the lives of workers. Now, although some people enjoy being kept busy, there are also those that can’t cope with certain work-related pressures. With flexible working, employees can choose their own working environment, and in many cases, relieves them of stress. However, only offer flexible working when and if their work is done.

2. Positive Work Culture

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun filled work environment? Work perks are not there to only be enjoyed, but they there to truly benefit the employee. Perks including unlimited holidays or free lunch can win over the hearts of your workforce. Although free lunch is a small token, it can often play a big role in maintaining happiness among employees. Of course, there are some businesses that simply don’t have the finances to support such a scheme every day, but once a week or once a month can go a long way. Use food to fuel your millennial workforce and let it power them through their working day.Millennials are a foodie generation after all so a good free lunch will win over the heart of many!

The passion for food has exploded within the last few years, and this passion seems to run deep within millennials. More and more companies are looking at giving their employees the benefit of a free lunch. These include Google, LinkedIn and even us folks here at Social enjoy a delicious free lunch from time-to-time. The same positive reaction was received for unlimited holidays. Of course, these holidays aren’t exactly unlimited, but they allow the employee to take extra vacations once their work is done and their boss has signed off.

3. Offer Competitive Salaries & Benefits

Offering a candidate a competitive salary along with perky packages is sure to turn their heads. Millennials have gone through the hardship of the recession and have seen first hand how financial difficulties can lead to increased stress levels. Feeling financially secure is a breath of fresh air to many. Many factors which included college debts as well as very few chances of employment, made it extremely difficult for people to fund a comfortable standard of living.

The Business Insider reported that 69% of millennials saw money as their number one incentive and a key motivator to them staying in a job longer. That doesn’t mean that millennials are cash hungry individuals. Millennials have the same financial needs as the rest of us and it’s important that they’re able to pay their way through this life. Offering benefits can often be a substitute for offering candidates more money. Benefits such as free health insurance, free gym membership or even a paid company work phone can be a real motivator for millennials.

4. Career Growth and Belief In Work

Millennials are a tenacious bunch, with the will to do well and succeed in their professional careers being common traits. In addition to this, millennials also want to do meaningful work and be able to showcase their true talent. Achieve’s 2014 Millennial Impact Report perfectly illustrates what influences a millennial to remain with an employer for a longer period. Giving them true ownership and responsibility will not only excel their skill level, but it will also make them feel valued as an employee which counts as a huge bonus.

In the past millennials have been accused of job hopping and not showing loyalty to their employers. This is all a myth according to Bill Casselman, where he states that millennials are “less professionally itinerant than previous generations” and there’s also the data to back that claim. Also, ask your workforce for constant feedback with regards to tasks they’ve completed, whilst also seeing if they enjoyed the task in hand. Giving millennials the opportunity to initiate proper input into your business will only bring out the best in them.


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