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New LinkedIn Mobile App Arrives, and it supports Boolean search!

LinkedIn New Mobile App Home Screen ImagesHot on the heels of last week’s announcement from LinkedIn that they had acquired mobile news reader and Flipboard competitor, PulsePad,  comes another mobile-related announcement, that of the new LinkedIn Mobile App for iPhone and Android. LinkedIn have made a lot of noise recently about the importance of mobile to their platform with Commscore announcing that 25% of LinkedIn’s US daily traffic (LinkedIn claim 27%) comes from mobile devices (phones and tablets). Pulsepad is one of the market leader’s in mobile news aggregation and the acquisition is no doubt part of LinkedIn’s bigger strategy to be the place “where all professionals come to consume content and where publishers come to share their content”. When it comes to business news, or any news for that matter, mobile is the destination you want to own, hence why this latest revamp of their mobile app is so important

So what’s new in version 6.0 of LinkedIn Mobile?

LinkedIn New Mobile App Customisable Tabs1. Facebook Style navigation

The new layout is prettier, easier to navigate and features more prominent images, all moves that Facebook made recently on their mobile app. In fact, I’d argue that it looks more like the Google+ mobile app, which to be fair, is one of the best on the market for design aesthetic. They’ve also made it much easier to view existing comments and to add your own (the old one was a pain!).

2. Customisable  & Personalised

LinkedIn have taken the newsfeed algorithm that they introduced on the desktop product last year and applied it to the mobile device meaning that you’re no longer seeing all updates in reverse chronological order. They claim that their algorithm will show you relevant content based on your location, connections, sector and viewing habits. This means aggregated content that is trending throughout the day will probably be at the top of your news pile, regardless of when in the day you happen to check your app. I gather it also means that the recently announced “Promoted Content” advertising product will also feature on the mobile app. LinkedIn have also introduced the ability to customise your the shortcuts you see when you click the blue “in” button in the top left of the screen. This is a great feature that recognises the different ways that members use LinkedIn. Just click on “Add shortcut” to see the options.

LinkedIn New Mobile App Boolean Search3. Search is better

If you recall  from the last 20 months of LinkedIn 5, it was a nightmare to search for anyone on the mobile app. The screen would regularly freeze and typing in a connection’s full name would not, strangely, guarantee that LinkedIn would show you their profile! They’ve fixed this and the speed of the search algorithm is greatly improved.  Also, a big win for us recruiters who are “at one” with the boolean, you can finally use boolean search operators on your mobile device. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for complex searches but its definitely handy when you’re not sure how someone might have spelled their name, or employer name etc.

4. Mobile Ads

Several news outlets have reported that LinkedIn are, for the first time ever,  introducing Ads on this version of their mobile app. On Facebook, the number of ads on the new mobile app really irritates me but if I’m honest, I don’t think I will be put off by business ads on a professional network such as LinkedIn. It just feels more appropriate than on Facebook (is this just me?). For advertisers (aka you, Ms Recruiter!), this is a welcome move as it should allow for more advanced targeting on LinkedIn’s targeted ads platform in the future (you should definitely check it out if you have not already).

LinkedIn New Mobile App Edit Profile5. Profile Editing

Last, but not least, you can now update and edit your profile straight from the mobile app.  LinkedIn’s value is largely determined by the quality of it’s members’ data; the easier they make it for people to update their profiles, the more likely it is that their data will be up-to-date and full of searchable content. You can edit any of the text elements of your profile and even edit your photo straight from the phone! I can see this being a brilliant addition on workshop’s where we have recruiters who have not yet added a profile pic! Don’t forget that other members are 8x more likely to click on your profile if you have a photo!

They’re my top 5 features for this latest LinkedIn app, what are yours?

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