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"People You May Know" on LinkedIn - an easy way to grow your network

LinkedIn yesterday announced in their blog that they’ve finally improved the “People You May Know” feature, which presents your with common connections in your network that you may know and like to connect with.

Much like the Friend Finder in Facebook, LinkedIn take your 2nd degree connections to prompt you to add them as a connection, because you share common connections. This is a brilliant way to increase your connections because its easy to add them as a connection (just one button), rather than when finding contenders through a Search of LinkedIn and then LinkedIn not giving you the easy option to connect with them.

This improved feature will be rolled out to all accounts over the next few weeks, and so far it looks really simple to use – check out this 45 second video by LinkedIn demonstrating this feature:

By collating your common connections from different areas of your life, organized by common companies you’ve worked at in the past, or whatever educational institutions you’ve listed, LinkedIn have improved the interface and simplified the process to expand your network by introducing you to people you may know*.


To use this feature, just follow these quick steps:

1. Click here to get your sneak preview at using the new improved People You May Know feature.

2. Choose who you would like to get in touch with, like Marian here, and see who in your connections you have in common.

People-You-May-Know-LinkedIn-Click-Connect3. Roll your mouse over the little icon images to see which connections you have in common, so that you can confirm how you know this person and also personalise your invitation to connect.

People-You-May-Know-LinkedIn-Send-Invite4. Personalise your invitation to connect, and click “Send Invitation”.

As recruiters, its really worth our while to connect with people and accept connections from others, in order for you to see as much of the LinkedIn network as you can. Having a strong network gives you more opportunities to promote your jobs, content, events and business.

* Disclaimer: Unfortunately, if you’ve been blocked to send invites to people without first giving an email address, then this simplified feature won’t work, even though LinkedIn have suggested that you know this person on their own volition. Thems are the breaks.

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