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15 HR Sites and Blogs that have Mastered the Internet

Want to know who’s dominating the HR internet space? It’s easy, thanks to the team over at Talent Tribune. They put together a ranking of the 15 most popular HR websites, based on data like social shares, likes, and links. Those metrics including Facebook likes and shares, Google+ interactions, tweets and linking root domains, to be specific) were combined into a Popularity Score, used to rank the most popular sites.

They also took it a step further and ranked the Top 5 articles on each site ‚¬€œ so if you’re looking for some afternoon reading, why not try these 75 articles on for sized?

HR sites

HR Sites

hr sites


Twitter: @TLNT_com
Site owner/editor: John Hollon (@JohnHollon)
About: TLNT covers news, insights and analysis related to human resources and talent management.

HR sites


Site owner/editor: Ariella Coombs (@AriellaCoombs)
About: CAREEREALISM is an online magazine that helps people solve career, job search and other professional issues.

HR blogs

3. The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

Twitter: @AlexKjerulf
Site owner/editor: Alexander Kjerulf (@AlexKjerulf)
About:The Chief Happiness Officer Blog is the website of Alexander Kjerulf, an author, speaker, and leading expert on workplace happiness.

HR blogs

4. TalentCulture

Twitter: @TalentCulture
Site owner/editor: Meghan M. Biro (@MeghanMBiro)
About: covers workplace culture and innovation, career strategy, talent management, HR technology, social learning and leadership.

HR blogs

5. ERE

Twitter: @ERE_net
Site owner/editor: Todd Raphael (@ToddRaphael)
About: ERE is an online platform covering HR and recruiting information and conferences.

HR blogs

6. HR Bartender

Twitter: @HRBartender
Site owner/editor: Sharlyn Lauby (@Sharlyn_Lauby)
About: HR Bartender focuses on HR and workplace issues like leadership, management, customer service and office politics.

HR blogs

7. Talent HQ

Twitter: @JJBuss
Site owner/editor: Jason Buss (@JJBuss)
About: Talent HQ provides online news and information for recruiting and human resources professionals.

HR blogs

8. HREOnline

Twitter: @HRExecMag
Site owner/editor: Michael J. O’Brien (@mojobrien1975)
About: HREOnline, a spinoff of Human Resource Executive, is an online publication focused on strategic issues for vice presidents and directors of HR.

HR blogs

9. Fistful of Talent

Twitter: @FistfulOfTalent
Site owner/editor: Kris Dunn (@Kris_Dunn)
About: Fistful of Talent is a talent management blog written by and for recruiters, HR professionals, managers and consultants.

HR blogs

10. Ask a Manager

Twitter: @AskAManager
Site owner/editor: Alison Green (@AskAManager)
About: Ask a Manager is a blog and advice column for managers and employees focused on management, hiring, and workplace culture.

HR blogs

11. Evil HR Lady

Twitter: @RealEvilHRLady
Site owner/editor: Suzanne Lucas (@RealEvilHRLady)
About: Evil HR Lady is a blog designed to demystify human resources departments and processes.

HR blogs

12. HR Morning

Twitter: @HRMorning
Site owner/editor: Tim Gould (Tim Gould)
About: HR Morning delivers news, advice and insights for HR managers and executives.

HR blogs

13. Success in HR

Twitter: @SuccessInHR
Site owner/editor: Alan Collins (@SuccessInHR)
About: Success in HR focuses on providing career development advice and resources to HR professionals.

Hr blogs

14. The HR Examiner

Twitter: @HRExaminer
Site owner/editor: John Sumser (@JohnSumser)
About: The HR Examiner focuses on people, technology, ideas and careers in human resources and human capital.

HR blogs

15. Steve Boese’s HR Technology

Twitter: @SteveBoese
Site owner/editor: Steve Boese (@SteveBoese)
About: Steve Boese’s HR Technology is a blog focused on the implementation of HR techology.

HR blogs

Do you read any of these websites? Which sites or blogs would you add to the list? Read the full list of sites and articles on Talent Tribune’s blog.

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