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Recruiter Cat: A Photo Story

It’s Friday, it’s the last day of the month and it’s been an awfully long week! Time for a little light-hearted ridiculous-ness wrapped up in a little furry package. Yep. It’s the photo story of Recruiter Cat! (Basically an excuse for me to print pictures of adorable cats and kittens in office settings!) Don’t say I never spoil you guys!  (Sorry, not sorry non-cat fans)

Recruiter Cat: A Photo Story

“Wow! Recruitment seems like the job to be in!”


“Got my resumé sorted like a boss. This is bound to impress potential hiring organisations.”


“I always dress to impress for an interview”


“My, my! This is quite a large operation they’re running here! I hope I can fit in culturally.”


Interviewer: “So tell me a bit about yourself.  What do you think you can bring to the table in our organisation?


“Well, at first I thought a carrer in writing was the one for me, but things didn’t work out as I’d planned…”


“But then, after a few close friends told me they felt I posessed the natural skills, I decided a career in recruitment was the one for me!”


“I’m good on the phone…”


“I have excellent people skills…”


“I’m a team player…”


“My filing and database management skills are second to none…”


“I’m highly organised…”


“I’m eager to learn new things…”


“I am a master at creating Boolean search strings…”


“…and I eat, breathe and sleep recruitment!”


Interviewer: “Great! You seem to have all the personal qualties and recruitment skills we’re looking for in a new employee…”


“Did I mention that…”


Interviewer: “…YOU’RE HIRED!”


“Oh wow, great! Thank you so much for this opportunity! When do I start? What sort of a salary can I expect to earn?”


2 years later…


Happy Friday Recruiters!!!

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