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Recruiters... We're Not That Bad, Are We!?

We give candidates and hiring managers a lot of stick. We’ve collected examples of ridiculous candidates answers in interviews and the real truth behind resumes to share with the worldBut we’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s all just a self-defence mechanism. We lash out because deep down inside recruiters are soft, fluffy creatures that just want to be loved.

See, it doesn’t do much for the self-esteem when you see this:



Even our comrades in arms are getting a bad rep:

I mean… #notallhiringmanagers needs to get trending soon

Is this what you think goes on in a hiring manager’s head!?

All of these people just want to find you, meet you and hopefully give you a job

YOU are the object of our affections

Sometimes we get it wrong, but it’s an honest mistake- we don’t mean to annoy you

So from now on we pledge to do better

To keep candidates, hiring managers, HR managers AND recruiters happy

So in the meantime, let’s all just try to get along to help fight unemployment

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