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Recruiting for Database Technologies

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Big Data and Tech Recruitment

Ayub Shaikh, the founder of Holistica Consultingprovides training for IT recruitment teams all over the world. This extract from his Recruiting for Database Technologies content on the SocialTalent platform is the perfect intro for those who are getting into tech recruitment for the first time. This small snippet will demonstrate how fast-moving this industry is and give you an appreciation of the amazing people you will be recruiting in this area.

Key Takeaways

Big data has come so far– we generate the same amount raw data in 60 seconds as we did in from 1998-2000.

Now you have an appreciation of how broad recruitng in the tech industry can be. Even focussing on the roles involved with database technologies provides any hiring professional with huge scope and potential to learn and be successful.

To see how Ayub Shaikh can help you use this information to find the best candidates in database development contact SocialTalent today!

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