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How to: Recruit Sales Professionals (Infographic)

Recruiting sales professionals? Well, Glassdoor have asked 1,000 sales professionals about their job search plans and just how they like to be approached by recruiters. This is what they found (P.S. Stay tuned for our thoughts and advice at the bottom):

recruiting sales professionals

Source: Glassdoor

Our thoughts:

  • Just 19% of sales people said they had no plans to look for a job, which means it always pays to approach a passive candidate if they meet your criteria.
  • recruiting sales professionalsStill reaching out to candidates via LinkedIn? It’s time to expand your communication efforts! 49% of sales professionals feel that an outreach via social media works best when trying to reach them, which means that half of the them are very active users of social media and clearly prefer this method of communication. Take advantage of this and use an alternative communication method like Twitter. See or blog post How to: Recruit on Twitter for more tips on how to do this.
  • 55% cited Someone with a strong understanding of the sales profession as the attribute they most value in a recruiter. This is why it is so important to be active in the community you recruit for. Being active means participating in specific LinkedIn group discussions, following and responding to thought leaders on Twitter and, if you are a technical recruiter, watching and participating in the conversation on specialist sites like Github and StackOverFlow.
  • When it comes to what influences a candidate’s job decisions, friends’ opinions and experiences of the company or job, play a large part in the decision (67%). Now consider the fact that 77% of candidates say that no notification after a
    recruiting sales professionalsjob application is a top job search problem for them and 68% of them, say that a lack of response has caused them to develop a negative brand/company perception. Therefore, if a great candidate has a friend who has applied to your company before and who has received no response or reply to their application from your company, that friend will make their negative feelings about the company, very clear to the potential candidate, who will probably turn down your offer as a result. Yet, 68% of company’s still aren’t responding to unsuccessful candidates and leaving themselves open to negative perceptions. Don’t be one of them. The candidate experience matters, neglect it at your peril. The implications of a bad candidate experience could be far wider reaching than you anticipate.
  • While salary and compensation is the number one reason why sales pros would leave their current jobs, almost half of all of those surveyed said company culture was a considerable factor in their decision-making process when it comes to changing jobs. Do not underestimate how successful employer branding can affect your recruiting efforts. Some of the feedback even quoted recruiters as saying that recruiters need to Understand the impact corporate culture has on whether or not we are willing to jump ship. Still not convinced? Maybe the 71% that are likely to accept less money to work at a company with a great culture will change your mind!
  • recruiting sales professionalsIn fact, the overwhelming theme throughout the entire survey is that brand reputation matters and that a company’s culture needs to be identified, promoted and maintained in the most approachable and open way possible. You can do this by encouraging your staff to talk about the company on social media. Encourage staff members to tweet using a dedicated hashtag, take photos of team or office events and post them on Facebook, or answer any queries potential candidates might have. Get your staff involved! They are the ones on the ground floor and exactly the people potential candidates will want to speak with.

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