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Get Ready for the "Sourcing Zone"! - Recruitment Agency Expo Birmingham 2014, Oct 1-2

recruitment agency expo 2014
Struggling to find candidates for your client’s urgent role? Then get yourself down to the Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham’s NEC next Wednesday and Thursday, where we’ll be hosting a Sourcing Lab consisting of 8 separate learning sessions over 2 days to help you find the candidates you need.

No, you’re not dreaming, we’re taking it upon ourselves to listen to and tackle your toughest job specs across a variety of industries including Sales & Marketing, Engineering & Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, and IT & Technology. We’re making your problem our problem and proving that with a little bit of Sourcing Ninja know-how, anyone can tackle the task of filling even the most awkward of job openings.

How will it work?

  • Come along to the Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham’s NEC next Wednesday and Thursday (it’s free!), and look out for our Sourcing Ninjas (you can’t miss them, they’re the ones wearing bright green t-shirts!) and follow them to the “Sourcing Zone”.
  • recruitment agency expo 2014At the “Sourcing Zone” you’ll find a whiteboard. Scribble down the most difficult job you’re working on at the moment (job title and core skills are enough, we don’t want you revealing too much to your competition!) and we’ll include it in our Lab.
  • Then take a seat in one of the 4 sessions (times to be announced) hosted each day by our CEO, Johnny Campbell, and get ready to take note of the best tips, tricks, hacks and sourcing advice currently available, because we’ll be sourcing candidates for your job openings live in each session. As a bonus, hand us your business card and we’ll email you the search results!

Where is it happening?
The Recruitment Agency Expo in Birmingham’s NEC from October 1st to October 2nd, 2014. Register for FREE by clicking the button below.

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See you there!

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