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3 Bits of Recruitment News NEED to Read - 5th May 2014

In the news this week:

Mixed bag for Job Boards in Q1 Financials

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ERE have reported that the Q1 earnings for three of the biggest public companies in the recruitment industry including LinkedIn, Monster and Dice, didn’t “hit what Wall Street investors were expecting or wanted” and CareerBuilder said it had North American revenue of $167 million which is “barely a 1% increase from Q1 last year”.

That said, LinkedIn’s revenue did grow by 46% compared to Q1 2013. They earned $473.2 million in Q1 2014 with $275.9 million of that coming from the sale of Talent Solutions products to recruitment folk like you and I. Overall, net income was down from last year – the main factor that lead to investor disappointment.

Monster reported the worst news. In every category (N. America, International and advertising), revenue was down from the same period last year. They company earned $212 million this time last year and this year, only managed to pull in $198 million. We believe however, that Monster’s fortunes are set to change for the better. The company has yet to unveil it’s “still-secret” future strategy plans. The same ones that are set to incorporate “sourcing passive and active talent, advertising jobs, and a technology solution platform to manage it all. The plans are due for release at an analyst conference in two weeks time and by all accounts, the news will be well worth waiting for!

Read the full report on ERE’s website.

Are you earning enough?: Bullhorn Release Money Talks Survey

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Bullhorn have just released the results of a survey detailing the earnings of agency recruiting staff. According to the results, in 2013, on average, recruiters earned $74,000, with those working in contingent recruiting earning up to $96,000. The biggest money made in recruitment is earned by the leaders. CEOs, agency owners and partners average between $149,000 and $215,000 depending on the size of the firm. Heads of executive search firms averaged $230,000.

Read the full survey here.

The Best Recruiting Advice You Will Hear This Year

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Last Wednesday, tech recruiting’s finest minds and some general recruiting practitioners were out on Twitter to participate in #tchat, a Twitter discussion hosted by Talent Culture. The session involved hosts Talent Culture asking a series of five tech recruiting questions and letting those involved give their humble opinions and share their experiences surrounding the issues raised. The questions asked included:

  1. What do tech candidates value?
  2. How does cultural fit impact candidate decisions?
  3. What role do tech talent communities play in today’s job search?
  4. What feedback can employers give tech candidates who aren’t hired?
  5. What other online services can help tech candidates in their job search?

The resulting feed makes for some excellent reading, with well known tech gurus and recruiters sharing their insights on how to attract, engage and recruit tech candidates. If you missed the chat be sure to check out our synopsis of the discussion which covers all the main findings. Read it here.

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