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4 Recruiting News Stories to Kick Off Your Week - September 22

Here’s your Recruitment News for the week:

Google Analytics give website owners Benchmarking Tools

Google’s Analytics tool, the most popular measurement tool for visitors and activities on your website, has announced that they will enable all website owners who use Google Analytics to benchmark their site against their industry sector. These Benchmark reports, which will be rolled out by the end of the year, will allow site owners to see trends across not only their own industry but other verticals too, and gain insights into how their website is performing against that of their peers.

So what does this mean exactly? Well, the vast majority of recruitment businesses we speak to at Social Talent either don’t know what a good website visit rate should be, or have no idea what to metrics to measure from their website. These new Benchmarking reports will show you what your industry’s average site visit rates are, bounce rates (the number of visits where a visitor only loads one page, i.e. lands on one page and goes no further), conversion rates (i.e. where a visitor performs an action which you have encouraged them to take, like apply for a job!), and device rates (what device are they visiting you on like desktop or mobile).

With this information comes power – according to Google, understanding how your peers are performing has helped their case study company,, to increase their open-rates of their emails by 5 times, seeing an average open-rate of 48% and a 40% click-through-rate. For anyone reading this figure and thinking “wow, that’s so much higher than what our email marketing achieves”, you’re right. But without benchmarking, we wouldn’t know this…

More on this story: Forbes

Our Favourite Email Tracking Tool Gets a Relaunch: Signals is now Sidekick!

In case you’re slightly late to the party, we’re all about information is power (hence story above) – what happens to your email once you send it? By using email tracking tools, recruiters (and anyone else really) can get insights in real time, telling us if a contact has opened your all-important email with the contract in it, or that your warm-approach email to discuss job opportunities hasn’t been touched at all.

Our favourite tool, Signals by marketing automation company Hubspot, has had a make-over and a huge boost in functionality – it’s now called Sidekick, and includes an information panel inside your email about your contact, not unlike our old friend Rapportive (demise of Rapportive reported here) with your past communication, their social media presence and quick insights about their company. So Sidekick tells you if your email was opened, attachment downloaded, link was clicked etc in real time, and it enables you to schedule your email to send at a designated time rather than forced to send it there and then, and gives you quick insights into that contact to help jog your memory about a contact.

Sidekick is free for the Basic version (all that functionality listed above) for up to 200 notifications per month, and just $10 a month for the premium version which integrates with your Salesforce CRM. We like a lot!

More on this story: Hubspot’s blog

LinkedIn Users Are the Most Charitable People With Their Time

Yes that’s right recruiters and other LinkedIn Lovers! We are the most charitable sector of social media users with our time, donating more than $100 a year to charity, and giving over 10 hours of our time a year to a charitable cause.

Charity Time by Social Network: Source Mashable

Keep up the amazing work LinkedIn users!

More on this story: Mashable

Finally, is anyone using the new version of Apply With LinkedIn?

After LinkedIn very very quietly got rid of the much-loved Apply With LinkedIn button (where a company could easily configure a button for their job announcement on their website and enable a candidate to apply for the job using their LinkedIn profile), replacing it with a Profile API, it forced companies using this tool to develop their own API to plug into LinkedIn and enable the same functionality to apply for a job using their LinkedIn profile.

What we want to know is… are you using this new API? Did you develop your own Apply With LinkedIn button for your site, following the removal of this tool? Tell us! Email us at, we’d love to hear your experience in developing a LinkedIn API for your site.

That’s all for this week! Have a great week recruiters!

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