Sorority Recruitment Videos That Will Scare The Life Out Of You


I’ll be honest, most (all) of my knowledge of US fraternities and sororities stems from American comedies that make more money than they should.

Armed with my small bank of knowledge, I took to the internet to find out about these infamous recruitment videos that are issued by the Greek clubs in order to attract new members.

After some time on YouTube, losing minutes of my life I can never reclaim, I thought it was only fair that you should also spend some time and some precious brain cells watching these truly intriguing recruitment videos.

1. There is a lot more neon than talent in this video…


2. I could write a thesis about this one alone…

3. Unfortunately, when they tell you to hold up half way through it’s not so they can apologise for wasting your time


4. Usually, autotune makes things better…


5. One word… LANDLINE!?!?!

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