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The Roundup: Google for jobs and Learning to say NO when someone begs for a discount



In the RoundUp we bring you the most interesting stories from the recruitment and sales industries. All the things that the world has been talking about from the i-phone x to… Well, it’s really been all about Apple this week.  Nevertheless, we’ve dug through the internet to find the news that:

a) Makes you sound like you know the industry inside out
b) Gives you something to talk about while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil at work

Whichever is most important to you…

Without further ado let’s dive into our hottest topics this week.


Future + Technology + *insert industry here*

The internet is obsessed with the future. Every second headline tells you the future is now/here/coming/bright/dark etc. Everyone kinda knows what’s coming but it’s always the experts opinion that frames the future through the lens of our industry. Undercover Recruiter asks the direct question “How will technology play a role in the future of recruiting” to a panel of experts. Here’s what some of them had to say…

“Technology will help lower operating costs and, in my mind, it will empower recruiters to go from “the hunters” to “the hunted.” In 2020, recruiters will be like sports agents…”
Jonathan Kestenbaum, Executive Director, Talent Tech Labs

 “I … see AI technology helping us detect career patterns and paths so we can more intelligently source people in roles and companies who are likely going to be skilled for future roles that they’ve never even considered.”
Bryan Chaney, Director of Employer Brand, Indeed

For more insights check out the full article below.

How Will Technology Play a Role in the Future of Recruiting?

Facebook: the next secret weapon in the recruiting arsenal?

Facebook has already transformed many parts of our lives. It made stalking ok and normalised the word ‘poke’. Now it is set to make an impact in the world of Talent  Acquisition. Ian Hamilton takes a look at why targeting people on Facebook could be the key to making a really impactful recruitment drive.

Find out more as Hamilton dives into Facebook: Ads platform, pixel and messenger bots and how we could combine them to make a really powerful recruitment tool with a huge ROI.

How Facebook Could Transform Talent Attraction… But It’s Gonna Cost

Google Jobs rewarding the right kind of job ad

Google for Jobs has already had a huge influence on the way job ads are discovered online. It has siphoned a huge portion of traffic from Indeed because Google for Jobs does not index Indeed’s job ads- so while ads on Indeed will still appear in a standard Google search- they will not appear in a Google Jobs search.

Tim Sackett has reported on this and also discusses one of the most interesting points on this new job search influencer. If you want your job ad to rank higher-  you must include a salary in your job adsBy doing this your ad will appear above others when candidates are searching.

“CareerBuilder says almost 80% of the job postings on their site DO NOT have a salary listed. This is a major problem for corporate talent acquisition teams. By not putting salary you are drastically hurting your chances of your job being seen on Google, or having your competition’s job being ranked higher than yours if they include a salary or salary range.”
Tim Sackett

Data dictates that job postings with under market salaries will still get more traffic than a job ad that has no salary listed in the description. So the answer is pretty obvious TA leaders need to start defining salaries.

Read the full article to find out why Sackett thinks people shy away from listing salaries.


What to say when your customer asks for a discount you don’t want to give….

Anthony Iannarino was listed as one of our favourite sales thought leaders to follow. We love The Sales Blog AND his podcast In The Arena. Every day Iannarino posts a short video to his blog with some gems that will help sales people of all levels. A recent video that caught our eye was this snippet on defending your pricing. In three minutes Iannarino explains how you should phrase your response when your customer asks for a discount that you aren’t in a position to offer.

What news has been buzzing around your brain this week? How do you say no to customers asking for discounts? What do you make of Google’s new way of ranking job ads? Wither way we want to hear from you- join the conversation in the SocialTalent Community!

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