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The Roundup: Why The World is Loving LinkedIn and Lever Right Now

Lever raise mega money in series C funding…

Lever has banked $40 million in its round of series C funding. In a blog post written the Chief Product Officer Randal Truong, the company thanked the support it’s received and pay homage to their latest products. Lever released two products; Lever Nurture and Lever Talent Intelligence to their Talent Acquisition package to bring a complete experience to their product and this was also acknowledged as a major contributor to the company’s recent success. The company plans spend money on more research so it can reach another level of world domination:

Raising money is never the end goal, rather a means towards our ultimate objective: helping our customers proactively recruit, attract, and hire the best candidates. To that end, we are grateful for the opportunity to use this capital for ongoing innovation and R&D, with a particular eye toward highly complex, global organizations.
Randal Truong

I for one, believe they will use this money for good and not evil- just look at how happy they are:

Source: Lever

Source: Lever

LinkedIn Video is finally here…

As someone who spends A LOT of time on LinkedIn let me be the first person to say THANK YOU MERCIFUL VIDEO GODS FOR FINALLY GRACING LINKEDIN WITH YOUR PRESENCE. Well, I’m definitely not the first, the whole world is pretty excited about this new feature. The days of uploading a video to YouTube and then sharing it on LinkedIn are gone. 

Some stories are better shown than told. Video allows you to evoke emotion, transport viewers, teach something or share some incredible piece of insight when words and images alone aren’t enough. We can’t wait to see how you use this new way to tell your stories on LinkedIn.
Daniel Roth, Editor in Chief, LinkedIn


As major fans of video here in SocialTalent, we can’t wait to see how creative people get with all these new video possibilities! What do you think of all this new LinkedIn and Lever love? Let us know by joining the SocialTalent Community

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