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Social Selling Spotlight: What You Can Learn From Daniel Pink

Social Selling Spotlight is our regular feature showcasing the best minds from the world of successful salespeople.

Daniel Pink

Eli Meir Kaplan/Wonderful Machine for Dwell..The home of Daniel, Sofia, Aliza, and Saul Pink and Jessica Lerner on Friday, June 22 in Washington, DC.

Daniel Pink has spent years developing his brand into one of the major powerhouses of the sales world. With his best-selling books To Sell is Human, A Whole New Mind and Drive he has catapulted himself to the forefront of industry experts and thought leaders. His books have been translated into 35 languages and have sold 2 million copies worldwide. When he talks, people listen.

The Power of Pink

So what makes Pink so successful? What does he do that resonates with so deeply with millions of people all over the world inside and outside of sales?

Pink intertwines his knowledge of human behaviour and his sales experience to produce incredible content that helps sales teams all over the world understand how important the concept of connection can be to a successful sale.

People are human before they are salespeople or customers. Pink’s teachings often deal with a wider lesson that can help you think about motivations outside of the consumer industry. He focuses on the changes that sweep through the industry such as the incremental rise of start-ups and the introduction of a sales attitude to more traditional roles within a company. Every position in a company and every facet of life involves some form of selling. In some cases, it’s a delicate affair and in others, it’s more prominent. By identifying all these different nuances you can learn what motivates people to buy and how you can successfully position yourself to become an influential seller.

The Everlasting Effect

Daniel Pink also give the ultimate gift to people who choose to read his books and follow his brand. He provides exercises and examples so people can apply lessons to their own professional and personal lives. If Daniel Pink could teach a man to fish the fish would hook themselves.

Green and Pink

Daniel Pink is sharing his fascinating insights through the Social Talent learning platform and has created some unmissable content that salespeople of all levels can learn from.

His content covers the new fundamentals of selling and what it takes to become a persuasive influencer. Pink works through the ABC guide to being a successful salesperson:

A- attunement

social selling: attunement

Can you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes?

B- buoyancysocial selling: attunement

Can you find the power to keep yourself motivated even when customers aren’t buying?

C- clarity

social selling: clarity

i) curating information

Can you successfully curate information instead of just accessing the same information as your competitors?

ii) become a problem finder

It’s easy to solve existing problems but can you zone in on the hidden problems and help people fix unknown pain points.

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