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Social Talent's Top 5 Recruitment RoundUp

We want recruiters to become experts in their field. A recruiter should be able to apply their industry knowledge to their craft and in turn, use this wealth of knowledge to improve candidate and client experience alike.

We’ve scoured the vast internet just for YOU so you can become the best at what you do thanks to the hard work and research of other recruitment experts all over the world. Here are the top five articles that caught our eye this week:

  1. Rise of The RobotsSurvey says job seekers are comfortable with the introduction of robots and automated systems when it comes to early stages of the job hunt.
  2. Less Talk More Action: How did Cisco drive an entire employer branding revolution into just a single word?
  3. Wonder Women: The focus to nurture and enhance female presence in the workplace has worked wonders for companies all over the UK.
  4. Putting a Match to Recruiter Burnout: How can recruiters look after themselves to make sure they are bringing their best self to their job and to the candidates and clients they work with?
  5. Welcome to The Future: You’ve made it as a successful recruiter, but what do you look like now?


So with these top five stories we’ve suggested, do you mind if we make another little suggestion? Why not take one story a day this week and really study it. Get deep into it and spend some time getting to know the subject and doing your own reading around it. We want you to become experts, share your thoughts and even write your own articles as a response!

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