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4 Rather Interesting Sourcing News Stories - 30th June 2014

In the news this week:

Indeed Buy MoBolt – Bring FREE Mobile Apply to all Employers from July

Indeed have bought MoBolt, a smart and simple mobile apply platform that works seamlessly with any ATS worldwide to help significantly increase conversions and applicant satisfaction. And Indeed intend to use the new technology to enable employers worldwide to take advantage of this shift and to accept job applications through a mobile device, without any infrastructure upgrades or IT integration.

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In their official press release Indeed said Mobile job search is not a thing of the future, it is a reality today. A majority of job seekers around the world find jobs on a mobile device, but only a fraction of employers allow them to apply right there and then. The best talent will not wait to apply later ‚¬€ they will simply move on to another opportunity. MoBolt enables any employer to leap frog this road block and access every candidate,

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 16.48.53

In a nutshell, MoBolt’s technology provides job seekers with a seamless apply process from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop browser. For employers, the solution requires no change to their current HR and applicant tracking systems and no IT involvement. We believe the acquisition represents a huge step in improving the candidate experience for job seekers and also for employers. When you consider the fact that 43% of job seekers have used their mobile device to engage in job seeking activity and 55% expect to be able to apply for job via a mobile device, this product will ensure that employers everywhere don’t miss out on half the market. But the fact that they won’t have to invest a fortune in new infrastructure in order to do it is also invaluable. This really will break barriers in the world of mobile recruiting and we can’t wait to see how this develops!

For more information, click here.

Jobvite Launch New Mobile Career Website Solution

Another great product in our opinion, from one of the most innovative players in the recruitment ATS/CRM space – Jobvite. The new mobile site brings mobile recruiting about as close to what job seekers want as any service out there now.

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The full-fledged site is specifically configured for mobile users and Jobvite have paid particular attention to the usability issue which is often ignored by many employers. You won’t find any responsive design here! Every aspect of this site is designed specifically to be filled in by a thumb and the fields required have been thankfully limited to just the basics i.e. essential contact info.

For more info check out the company’s own press release or’s review.

Barbie Joins LinkedIn

In a great use of a Company Showcase Page, the blonde bombshell herself has joined the most popular professional network. And why wouldn’t she? In her 55 years on this planet, Barbie has had more than 150 different careers from marine biologist to hairdresser to pop star and she’s now (as Mashable put it) ready to compete in the business world.

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Sporting a figure-hugging black and pick business dress with platinum accessories and a high pony tail in her profile photo, Barbie looks perfectly poised to tell us that her latest venture is as a Dream Incubator were she acts as a consultant, helping girls around the world play out their imagination. She also shares news about her company, social media updates and her very expansive CV!

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If you’d like to connect with Barbie for future networking opportunities, click here.

The Cities Attracting the Highest Number of Tech Pros Will Surprise You

Throwing on those hard hats once again, LinkedIn have been busy mining the information in over 300 million profiles to identify several cities across the globe that attracted significant proportions of tech talent in the past year. 52 cities were included in the study and the median percentage of new residents with tech skills was 16%, or just under 1 in 6. More than a few Indian cities doubled that! The results proved that more people than ever are moving to big cities than ever before, the Indian technology sector is experiencing explosive growth and 1 in every 3 new residents in San Francisco has technology skills. The most most popular categories of skills were also identified as being

  1. IT Infrastructure and Systems Management
  2. Java Development
  3. Web Programming

Here are the Top 10 Cities Attracting Tech Talent:

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For more info, click here.

P.S. In Europe, London is now officially the largest tech capital. The London Evening Standard has reported that more tech workers are flooding into London than any other European city. According to the research (also conducted by LinkedIn), 27% of the London workers are employed by firms with fewer than 200 staff, while 34% are with companies with over 10,000 staff. LinkedIn’s Head of Talent Solutions, David Cohen, said Despite fierce competition, London is clearly a hot destination for those looking to progress their career in the technology sector. While London Mayor, Boris Johnston, commented by saying We want to see the sector continue to thrive and the hundreds of events that took place this week have helped London position itself as a true leader of the global tech scene.

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