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That's a Wrap! A Look Back on The Month of May

As we come to an end of an eventful month, we thought we’d take a look back on some of the best bits. For the month of May, we focused on Innovation. We went so far as to call it InnoMaytion. Although innovation never dies, we thought it was only fitting to have a whole month dedicated to innovative work! Going forward we will have a new theme each month! Make sure to keep a close eye on our social and blog this Friday for more news on that.
With all that said, here is a look back at the biggest stories that happened in the month of May!
P.S. – If you have any innovative stories that we might have missed, then make sure to contact us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

1. 3 Hot Recruiting Trends To Surface In 2018 (So Far)

HR and recruiting professionals know all too well how important it is to keep an eye on the latest news affecting their industry. If you blink, you’ll miss something! We thought that May was the perfect time to look at the trends to date (so far) in May. To be innovative in recruitment, you need to stay ahead of the game. Artificial Intelligence was no doubt a front-runner – but can you get the other 2 top trends? Click here to read our blog.

2. Making Innovation Easy

The word innovation is thrown around a lot these days. Everyone knows that we need to innovate to stay ahead, but fewer people really know what innovating entails. While it all sounds very impressive, what do we really mean when we say that companies and products need to innovate?

We mean they need to change, and most importantly, they need to embrace that change. Shauna Carrick too a look at the disruptive nature of learning and how SocialTalend strive to produce an effective solution to make learning easy! Click here to see how innovation is made easy!

3. Tim Sackett presents – The Talent Fix

Tim Sackett, CEO of HRU Technical Resources has released The Talent Fix: A Leader’s Guide To Recruiting Great Talent. It outlines recruitment practices which are proven and practical and outlines the simple fixes needed to optimise talent. If all of that isn’t enough, his book was also the best-selling book at this year’s SHRM Talent!

It’s available to purchase on Amazon now and is sure to impact the day to day working lives of recruiters.

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