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The Best Times to Post on Social Media (Infographic)

Let me first say, well done. You’ve made the decision to include content as part of your social recruiting efforts and we salute you for it. The benefits of active content sharing for your recruiting efforts are huge. Creating and sharing unique content on a regular basis will help you build a strong network of followers, nurture that network (and rich talent pools in the process), build your reputation as an industry authority and influencer, and turn cold calls into warm calls. And using multiple platforms to share your content, offers you the opportunity to engage in different ways with multiple audiences.

But there’s no point in being in the right place, at the wrong time. Knowing when and where to share your content is half the battle. But finding the magic “spot on the clock” isn’t a elusive as you may think. Quicksprout have scoured various research studies conducted by several social media authorities and put together this pocket-sized infographic to help you get your content to the right people, in the right place and at the right time:


Top Takeaways:


Best Days to Post -> Thursday and Friday

Best Time to Post -> 1pm for the most shares

3pm for the most click



Best Days to Post -> Weekday for B2B

Weekend for B2C

Best Time to Post -> 12pm for the highest click through rate

5pm for the highest retweets

6pm for the second highest click through rate of the day



Best Days to Post -> Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Best Time to Post -> 7am-8am

10am-11am on Tuesday receives most shares and clicks



Best Days to Post -> Saturday

Best Time to Post -> 8pm-11pm



Best Days to Post -> Consistant throughout the week, slight peak on Monday

Best Time to Post -> Off Work hours inc. 1pm, 5pm-11pm



Best Days to Post -> Weekdays

Best Time to Post -> 9am-11am

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