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The Evolution of the Office Desk (Infographic)

If you look around a typical office, you will no doubt see messy desks, tidy desks, standing desks, desks covered in toys, among others – they’re unique to the individual. Since the 1960s, desks have changed drastically, as have the things that you will typically find on them. From your traditional desk, complete with typewriter and rolodex, to the ‘play room’ with its endless scope for customisation of space, the main aim has been to find a desk that helps improve efficiency so you can focus on the important things, like organising your office insurance, or paying your staff.

Take a look at the infographic from BestReviews below and see how office desks have evolved across the decades (PS. check out some of the desks in our office below):



We couldn’t do a post about office desks without showing you some of the desks in our own company! So, welcome to Social Talent HQ in Dublin:

Shauna’s desk is one of the most colourful in the office. Her laptop keypad is multicoloured, her laptop riser is pink and she keeps a collection of multicoloured ninjas, a ninja star, and some Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Jelly Beans all close at hand:


Fran keeps it simple, preferring just to house his technology on his desk:


Events Coordinator Lindsay, keeps things minimal with just a pink laptop riser, pen holder, notebook and a giant wall planner to keep her up to date with all the events Social Talent employees are attending throughout the year:


Chloe, our resident recruiter has one of the coolest desks at Social Talent HQ, complete with figurines (you’ll find Rapenzul among several video game characters), ninja stars, headphones, a mini calendar, a wind-up ninja and several Japanese trinkets:


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