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The Google Hire Demo Video You Didn't Have Time to Watch- But We Did!

We’ve been waiting a long time for Google Hire. We have fobbed you off for long enough with all of our watch this space and can’t wait to see what’s to come talk. But now we finally have something to give you. Hire released its demo video this week and it was LONG. Like nearly an hour long. Now, you’re a busy bee- you don’t got time to be watching hour long demo videos. But thankfully, we do have time. So we did the hard work for you.

Sweet Sweet G Suite

G Suite products

How does recruiting with G Suite look?

That looks ok, a little messy but in general, it looks like it could work… Well, take a look below…

G Suite with Google Hire

Google Hire aligns all of your G Suite products

All hail Gmail

One feature that really stood out was how seamlessly Hire will talk to Gmail. This is no surprise since both are G-suite products but still, it will be a much-loved feature. Gmail integrates really well for candidate submission and pulls resumes and details from emails and adds them to a candidate profile within Hire. Also, so you can send templated messages to users, schedule responses, ask colleagues or hiring managers for feedback, all from within Hire itself.

There’s also an option to email each member of the hiring team once a candidate has accepted an offer and been hired, a nice touch cos it reminds everyone of why recruiters do what they do, get people jobs!

Calendars Keep It Transparent

Many people today live and breathe by their calendar- if it says I’m unavailable at lunch you can damn well wait until I’m finished and ready- unless lunch is on you, in which case we can talk. Google Hire lets you pull up the calendars of each interviewer on your panel and compare schedules to find good times for an interview. You can build an agenda and then send this straight to each interviewer so they know where they need to be and when plus the system also generates a candidate version which just appears as one large interview block in their calendar.

All Inclusive Candidate Profiles

There’s also some cool options on the candidate pages, you can add comments, get people’s opinions, as well as a spy-like add-on which automatically runs a web search for their LinkedIn, Github etc. profiles. All of these are then added to the candidate profile too, keeping all your links in one place.

Important to note: it is currently only available to US-based GSuite customers in companies up to 1000 so definitely SMB orientated but we hope to see it expanding!

The demon walks you through a general recruitment and hiring process using Google Hire. If you do decide you want to know a bit more then here is a useful breakdown of the demo so you can cut to the chase and see exactly what you want:

7:28- User Demo

  • How it will feel to log in and use Google Hire
  • View applicants and accept or reject.
  • Choose next round for applicants eg. coding test, interview etc
  • Overview on communicating with applicants directly and communicating within your hiring team


15:30- Discover: Building a pipeline using Google Hire

  • Search through existing candidate database (without building boolean strings)
  • Contact previous applicants who are likely to respond
  • Create new hiring process for existing candidate profiles
  • Manage prospective and active candidates
  • Utilise pre-existing e-mail templates
  • Create profiles straight from Gmail


27:30- Recruiters and Hiring Managers Interacting on Google Hire

  • Commenting, updating and scheduling together
  • Sharing feedback
  • Marking referrals
  • Calendar synchronisation
  • Post interview feedback (cool ‘locked’ feature to prevent biased feedback @ 40:40)
  • Customised rating scale

And if that’s still too much skip to:

44:40- Demo Summary

  • Bite-sized information of the entire demo


Let us know what you think about Google’s first foray into the world of recruitment in the SocialTalent Community!

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