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The Laws of Attraction: Job Advertising for Recruitment

As part of his input into LinkedIn’s current ‘How I Hire’ series, James Caan, of Dragon’s Den fame, said “Obviously it helps if you know your market and are advertising in the right places. There is no point in recruiting if you are not going to attract the required calibre of candidates with the necessary level of experience and know-how.”

Caan sums up the recruiting process perfectly; attracting the right people is key and every recruiter should know that the best way to attract a candidate is with great job advertising. Job advertising is an essential part of the recruitment process yet unfortunately, something that a lot of recruiters still get very wrong.

The main reason they get it wrong is because they don’t ask themselves: What makes good advertising? It’s worth remembering that we’re not just recruiters, we are also consumers and we have been for far longer than we have recruiters. Good (and bad) advertising has been selling us items we may or may not need for years and we know what makes us want to buy a product and what doesn’t. Candidates are also consumers. They too are used to being sold consumer products in a variety of highly effective ways and they will be expecting your job ads to grab them and speak to them in the same way the ads for their favourite consumer products do. So play to it! Entice them with words that speak to them (not at them) and motivate them to apply for your job. Bear in mind, that just as they can choose between two different chocolate bars, they can and will choose someone else’s job ad over yours, if your’s isn’t up to par.

It’s true that advertising is a creative field and not everyone has the gift of the gab but if you follow our simple rules for writing great job ads, you too can Don Draper it with the best of them.

1. Write It How You’d Say It 

Use passionate, layman’s language to tell the candidate that this is the perfect job for them and that your company is the perfect fit for them. Ask yourself what would tempt you to apply for a job.

2. Bold the Keywords

Highlight the words you want candidates to focus on when reading the job ad, like the key skills they will get to use and expand on when in the job or the benefits of working for your organisation. Bolded words are also favoured by Google, so by bolding keywords you are helping to push up your SEO placings. Result!

3. Save the Boring Details ’til Last

By all means include the standard details we all assoicate with a job ad, like the job’s duties and responsibilities, but make sure to include them last in your job ad. Entice first, inform later.


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