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The Most Popular Social Talent Webinars of 2016

There’s only 72 hours left until 2016 gives way to 2017. But before we start thinking about our New Year’s resolutions (or how we’re going to get out of bed on New Year’s Day!), we’re taking a moment to look back at some of the 12 webinars we held over the last year and selected the best bits.

In our festive special, you’ll find details of the 3 trends that shaped recruitment in 2016, smart search tactics to improve your sourcing, best practice tips for writing killer job ads, and some essential info about the LinkedIn updates that’ll affect you in 2017. So, sit back, stick your headphones on and enjoy the best bits of our monthly webinars:

Join us next month on Wednesday, January 11th for our first webinar of 2017 – 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters (and how to achieve them!). We believe recruiters the world over need to make three simple resolutions this year:

  • Stop: Searching the same places, the same way, expecting different results
  • Start: Becoming a true hiring partner to your Hiring Managers
  • Continue: Learning and evolving!

On January 11th, we’ll take you through each one and explain why 2017 is all about stopping, starting and continuing so be sure to sign up now!

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