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The Story Behind our Non-Traditional Employer Branding Videos That Worked

Nicola McCarthy and George Bryan of the Digital Production team

Nicola McCarthy and George Bryan of the Digital Production team

You may have noticed over the past couple of months, we have been filling up your news feeds and timelines with videos of familiar (and in some cases unfamiliar) faces from our “delightful” team here at Social Talent.

We wanted to take a step away from the norm (our norm), and do something a little different, something lighthearted and fun, (not that producing content for our wonderful online training platform isn’t fun!). The aim was to show off how awesome it is to work at Social Talent. Having had a mini brainstorm session, myself and George decided we wanted to get the whole team involved. Sure why not? Here at Social Talent we have an array of talented, creative, interesting people, all with their own quirky personalities, so what better way to let the world know, than to give each some air time! 😉

What would we ask them though? Why would be people be interested in our team at all?

The obvious answer was to ask them questions related to working for Social Talent, surely. But see, to me that just seemed a little dull. How many times have we watched employer branding videos of organisations telling us how great it is to work for them…

So with this in mind, we came up with the idea of asking each person five questions selected at random. These included anything from; when you were younger what did you aspire to be when you grew up, to what was the last meal you ate?

You may be thinking, how does that relate to branding Social Talent as a great employer? To be fair, those questions are a little ridiculous and sure why would anyone care? Well our thinking behind it was to take our usually “very together” ST employees out of their comfort zone and have them think on the spot with their outrageous answers and have hilarity ensue. All the while, giving us insights into each of their individual personalities and in turn letting you guys know what the culture here at Social Talent HQ is really like.

And it worked! Our “5 Random Questions With…” videos have a combined viewing of 8,133 to date!!! (To give you some context, in comparison to the standard employer branding videos that take a “why do you love working here” approach, that’s roughly 3x the number of views that even giant corporations get on their employer branding videos.) Apparently plenty of you enjoyed these videos. They circulated around Facebook and Twitter for weeks! We also hired Sue, our Sales Support Executive, having seen one of our team videos shared on Facebook she reached out to Social Talent shortly after.

These videos have become a key component of our talent attraction strategy. They help potential candidates get a real feel for the characters and atmosphere here at Social Talent.

George editingThe Process

It all starts with getting one of the gang to agree to being filmed (yeah right, like they have a choice…). And as mentioned earlier questions are sourced at random, then they are ready for their close up! In the finished edit you only see 5 Random Questions being asked, but during filming we actually ask close to 20. This is so we can see what questions get the best reaction.

Using a combination of After Effects and Final Cut Pro, the videos start to take shape. I think everybody was a little nervous during this process but when they saw the result, they were delighted with how they turned out! George’s fine editing skills really capture the best bits!

Most Popular Videos

Funnily enough, our most popular videos were that of Lisa, Sue and Naomi, hmmm wonder why that is? 😉

Perhaps it was Lisa’s fantastic Arnie impression or Naomi’s reccurring snowman versus dinosaurs dream, or maybe people were intrigued to know who Sue’s 50 Shades of Grey admirer was?

Nonetheless, we felt there was a certain element of charm to these 90 second videos. Viewers got to see the face behind the names and through random (somewhat) ridiculous questions, they also got an insight into employees of Social Talent.

With many more employees to film, we hope you guys are enjoying these videos as much as we love making them!

Please comment below with any suggestions on what to ask our next batch of ninjas! 🙂

Watch them all again and look out for more on our Social Talent YouTube channel!

Also, wait for it…… We’re hiring! Visit for more info. 😉 And hey while I’m at it, check out our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment training, where we take a more in depth look at Employer Branding!

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