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TL;DR Cultural Intelligence, Networking & Hire by Google

Why is  Cultural Intelligence Important?

Many out there might be familiar with the terms IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence), but finding a candidate ranking high in CQ (cultural intelligence) is now equally as important. Cultural intelligence is closely associated with emotional intelligence. It’s everything emotional intelligence IS but MORE. So what does that mean exactly? The definition of CQ is; the understanding and capability to relate and work effectively across cultures.

Today, the modern workplace is packed with individuals who rank high in CQ and are now part of the furniture in today’s modern workforce. 9 out of 10 employers say that CQ it is a pivotal part of their success and is key to improving their company as a whole. Samantha McLaren took a closer look at CQ in her latest article on LinkedIn’s Talent Blog.

The 90/10 Rule of Networking

Today, networking is proving more important ever. As businesses grow, so does their networking circle. Networking allows you to broaden your horizons and to scope out new and exciting business opportunities. Investing time in getting to know fellow professionals inside and outside of your industry is an absolute must. You might not see the immediate ROI, but over time your business relationships will grow, as will your opportunities.

Mike Walford has recently shared his networking secrets and emphasised his faith in the 90/10 rule. So what’s the 90/10 rule all about? Many recruiters will have heard of the 80/20 rule. In theory, this rule says that 80% of your success comes from 20% of your efforts. In the past, Walford coached individuals and explained to them how to apply the 90/10 rule. Walford believes that 90 percent of your time should be spent on your current job, and 10 percent on your career.

In addition, Wolford suggests that 10 percent of your efforts should be “spent reading, attending conferences, attending networking events, and volunteering.”. Read his original article here and all about the 90/10 rule as well as his interesting story on Desert Pete!

Hire by Google

Hire by Google has now made life even easier for recruiters and is set to speed up the hiring process- especially within the Tech sector. Hire’s candidate discovery feature will allow recruiters to look at past applicants and determine whether or not they would be a good fit for a proposed role.

This feature is expected to save recruiters lots of time! Even better, it would also stop Hiring Managers accidentally overlooking someone who they might have held past interviews with. Past feedback and job offers given to a candidate will be filtered with this feature. Life made easy. It opens up a wider pool of talent for a recruiter to work with. This feature is now available in Beta for all current Hire by Google customer.


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