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Top 10 UK Recruitment & HR Teams by size on LinkedIn

Top 10Late in 2011 we did a quick survey of the top 10 recruitment agencies by numbers of staff on LinkedIn (available here). 2013 is due an update!

What we’ve noticed is the growth of corporate and in-house teams versus agencies. This is reflecting a global trend towards building in-house teams of recruitment and talent acquisition professionals to source their candidates without the help of agencies.

Where agencies are surviving, it’s because they’re developing niche teams, specialised in specific skills and industries that make it hard to beat with an inside track on the market and connections with candidates that corporate HR teams just don’t have.

So, who’s in the top 10 Recruitment and HR teams in the UK then?

Rank Company # Personnel
1 Hays 923
2 Reed 627
3 Royal Bank of Scotland 527
4 Lloyds Banking Group 429
5 BP (British Petroleum) 381
6 NHS (National Health Service) 354
7 Barclays 327
8 BT (British Telecom) 297
9 Michael Page 264
10 Sainsbury’s 261

While a crude measurement of the size of one’s team based on their numbers on LinkedIn, for recruiters who aren’t on LinkedIn it’s a case of no credibility if they’re not on the world’s largest professional social network.

Is your agency on the list? If not, why? Are your staff not optimising their potential and using this business-oriented social networking site effectively? Here are some tips that allow your company to get the most out its presence of LinkedIn:

  • Ensure each member of staff has selected your company profile as their employer
  • Optimise your company profile on LinkedIn ‚¬€œ click here for tips
  • Encourage all your team(s), regardless of field, to have a LinkedIn profile, as even your receptionist is selling professional services
  • However, perhaps suggest that your employees change their contact settings to exclude “open to job offers”

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