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Top 5 Tips for Getting Started with your LinkedIn Company Page

linkedin peepsAccording to HubSpot’s Marketing Director, Kipp Bodnar, LinkedIn is nearly 300% more effective for visitor-to-lead generation than social networking rivals Facebook and Twitter, so having a good company page is well worth it. So check out our:

5 Tips for Getting Started with LinkedIn Company:

1. Describing Your Company
When you’ve taken that first step and started creating a company page by entering your company’s name and email address, one of the first things you will be asked for is a description of your company. This is your opportunity to tell everyone the main thing you want them to know about your company. Describe exactly and succinctly what your company does and what your mission is. For example, “We source, prepare and serve Dublin’s finest sushi”. Try not to waffle too much here. Determine keywords like ‘source’, ‘prepare’ and ‘serve’ in the example, that get to the heart of what your company does and use them to describe it.

More basic information like the founding date, the location of the company and the company’s web address can also be put here.

Free Advertising2. Products & Services
Put purely and simply, the products and services section of your company LinkedIn page is a free advertising space for you to wax lyrical about how each and every one of your products can and will benefit your customers. Like the description of your company, use keywords to detail what each of your products or services will help people achieve.

Don’t be afraid to put your best foot forward and list your best selling product/service first. People are lazy and will sometimes only read the description of the first product/service so set the bar high.

3. Logos & Images
Always include your company logo and a banner style image on your company page. These are the first two aspects of the page that will draw the eye of the viewer. A page with no logo and no images is boring and forgettable. Choose a simple, attention grabbing image that reflects your brand whether that is an interesting variation of your logo or a group shot of your employees.

Be innovative, you can also use your banner image to highlight company news, achievements and events. Creating a new banner on a monthly basis that lists special deals etc. can be a nice touch and shows that you are active on LinkedIn and update on a regular basis.

For inspiration check out this article on the best LinkedIn company pages (courtesy of

Update4. Updates & Content
Status updates are crucial for reaching out to both your followers and your groups, and the content of those updates is even more important for engaging them and establishing your company as a go-to source for everything to do with your industry. Content can be specially created for your LinkedIn connections and groups such as links to interesting blog articles you’ve read and enjoyed and to videos you’ve watched or you can use LinkedIn updates as another way to promote your blog posts. If you have a company blog, posting your articles on LinkedIn is a fantastic way to increase your blog readership but also to promote a dialogue between you and your followers. Over time more familiarity with your company’s brand and service will increase your web-traffic, recognition and awareness amongst your networks on LinkedIn.

Ideally, you should be updating your profile at least once a day with new content.

LinkedIn produced a great Infographic last week, which gave some insight into what makes ideal LinkedIn company content for readers. Company branding (inside looks and interviews with staff) gets the most engagement, followed by employment branding and career opportunities, tips and best practices, and lastly fun facts and quotes. Have a look at Mashable’s LinkedIn company page as they have the most engaged Company page following on LinkedIn.

5. Promotion
Share all of your status updates. Encourage members of your staff to add the company page to their own personal profiles and also regularly ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the content published on the page. Sharing is the best way to promote your page and it will increase the number of people who see your content updates and drive more traffic to the company page.

LinkedIn, like Facebook and Google, also offers you the option to create your own pay-per-click and pay-per-1,000 impressions ad campaigns for your products and services. These campaigns are easy to set up, easy to manage in terms of budget etc. and are good for increasing your brands visibility and boosting page traffic.

By following these 5 steps you will be well on your way to creating and maintaining a great LinkedIn company page.

Got anything to add to the list? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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