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Top 50 Searches Recruiters & Sourcers Are Conducting Right Now

What are the hottest skills recruiters and sourcers around the world are looking for as we speak? What kind of roles are they looking to fill? What level of candidate are they trying to attract? And how do these skills compare with the Top 25 Hottest Skills list that LinkedIn released last month?

Using our new Boolean Generator, we compiled a list documenting each of these things and created a Word Cloud of the results for easy visualisation and a very useful Venn Diagram to help you better understand what the world of recruitment is buzzing about right now.

Top 50 Searches



Visualisation of Top 50 Searches


(*Search results statistics are taken from their ranking on, correct as of January 3, 2014)

Most Searched Skills

Contrary to LinkedIn’s Top 25 Hottest Skills in 2013 list that was published last month, recruiters using our Boolean Generator were mainly concerned with web development skills such as knowledge of programming languages Java and J2EE as well as query langauage, SQL. LinkedIn’s list placed these skills just 12th, 13th and 19th on their list with Social Media Marketing taking the top spot. Design was another hotly desired skill to feature in our results.

Most Searched Roles

The most sought after roles included Managers (in pole position), Engineers, Web & Software Developers, Sales Personnel, Recruitment & HR staff, Marketeers and Consultants (primarily account, business and financial).

Most Searched Seniority Level

In terms of seniority, higher ranking staff members are the most in demand candidates with synonyms like ‘Director’, ‘Senior’ and ‘Consultant’ appearing high in the list of search terms. Entry level and graduate positions, indicated by search terms including ‘Assistant’ and ‘University’, came a close second, while managerial roles were by far the most searched for.


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